Did you hear about the HSUS involving the Vick dogs?

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Question by .: Did you hear about the HSUS involving the Vick dogs?
National Press Release
Center for Consumer Freedom: Humane Society of the United States is Morally Compromised, Just Like Michael Vick

$ 200 million animal rights group raised money with false promise to care for Vick’s dogs

WASHINGTON, May 20 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — As the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) prepares to kiss and make up with convicted dogfighter Michael Vick, the nonprofit Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) is calling on the animal rights group to return the money it raised with the false promise that it would care for the dogs rescued from Vick’s former home.

Beginning on July 18 — the day after Vick’s criminal indictment — HSUS promised on its website that financial contributions would help it “care for the dogs seized in the Michael Vick case.” The New York Times later reported that HSUS was not, in fact, caring for the animals. HSUS president Wayne Pacelle told the Times that his group is recommending that government officials “put down” (kill) the dogs rather than adopt them out to suitable homes.

After CCF publicized this deception, HSUS quietly altered its online fundraising pitch. And despite HSUS’s stated desire to see the dogs killed, CNN reports that most of them are being successfully rehabilitated by genuine animal-rescue groups.

“Most Americans can’t stand dogfighting,” said CCF Director of Research David Martosko. “But they also can’t stand phony fundraising claims. If HSUS keeps the money it raised by promising it would care for Michael Vick’s dogs, the group is just as morally compromised as he is.”

The Humane Society of the United States is not affiliated with any local “humane societies.” The organization does not own or operate any hands-on dog or cat shelters in the U.S. Less than 4 percent of its budget in 2007 was passed through to legitimate pet shelters.

“HSUS knows that Americans are dog lovers, and it’s exploiting their emotions to build a war chest for anti-meat, anti-dairy, and anti-medical-research campaigns,” Martosko added. “HSUS should return every cent and apologize for misleading the public.”

what do you think about this? Do you think the dogs should have been put down? should HSUS return the money?

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Answer by rescue member
What I think is that you are quoting some rabbling rousing, nutsy psuedo news publication and you don’t know what you are talking about.

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11 comments on “Did you hear about the HSUS involving the Vick dogs?

  1. Lots of agencies that claim to raise money and help others don’t. I am not surprised they didn’t help. It is like those pink ribbons on products that are supposed to donate money to cancer, and they don’t. They just slap a pink ribbon on a product and you buy it thinking you are helping, but you aren’t. It is like the Salvation Army claiming to help people. They would rather spit on you than help you, and in most cases they do. There isn’t much in life that is fair these days. Best friends took some of those dogs and they were supposed to get some money for the care, but not enough money for what they were doing.

  2. Rayven-Fried Sea Kittens Anyone?

    what do you think about this? – Typical HSUS but just about everybody already knew how HSUS AND PETA felt about the Vick dogs. HSUS absolutely refused to take the dogs in.

    Do you think the dogs should have been put down? Considering all but ONE have been successfully rehabed with loving family and a few I believe are actually therapy or assistance dogs, its unfair to ANY dog regardless of breed to make a snap judgment on whether they are capable of being saved or not.

    should HSUS return the money? Obviously. HSUS is far too driven by money in my opinion. I’d say about 5% maybe less of what they get in actually reaches ANY of the shelters with humane society attached to their name. All their money goes towards lobbying, which anyone who understands politics knows does very little most of time. Or they are teamed up with PETA moaning and complaining about cropping and docking when there are REAL animal related issues to be tackled.

    What really sealed it for me is when I saw the article that HSUS was a part of the class action lawsuit against Petland. What good does it do HSUS to be involved with this? Other than getting part of any settlement? Not a dang thing.

  3. Ever since I read the story in Sports Illustrated about HSUS wanting all of Vick’s dogs to be destroyed, I have stopped donating money to them.
    “Saving” dogs in order to kill them doesn’t make sense to me and Wayne Pacelle working with Vick is the last straw

  4. ∞CHAO§ IS A VEIM∞

    HSUS raises money all the time and that money rarely sees anything but their employees pockets. They have been under fire for years. They are still under investigation for withheld money that was suppose to go to help the dogs of katrina, but that money was never seen. HSUS is another big time domestic terrorist group, i would not trust them with anything. HSUS is one big lying group. THey could care less about the animals, they seen people as suckers and milk it for all the money they can. They are sick people.

    No the vick dogs should have not been put down and yes they should return the money or actually send it to the new owners of those dogs.

  5. I think it is par for the course for HSUS.

    HSUS is the biggest fraud. People think they are giving money to help animals when they donate to HSUS, when in fact HSUS mostly spends money on lobbying to get our animal rights TAKEN AWAY.

    There was just an ABC news report done on how HSUS takes money-say for the Katrina dogs, and how hardly any of it actulaly went to help those dogs.

    The president of PETA-Wayne Pacelle would like to see the end of all companion cats and dogs. “One generation and out” is his phrase. Meaning spay and neuter all of them and that would be the end of pet dogs and cats.

    If people really want to help animals they need to donate to their local ASPCA, do not ever give money to HSUS.

  6. http://www.humanewatch.org/
    HSUS has been under fire for years,they collect donations but most goes to lobbying and admin. salaries.If you have ever donated money to them,they will send address labels,calenders and other stuff to you for years after,that costs money.

  7. Any dog that can be successfully rehabilitated should be and all the money raised under that scenario should be used for that purpose.

    If not, it should be returned! If everything here is true, then I find it despicable and a further nail in the coffin to legitimate organizations trying to raise money for worthy causes.

    I must admit that I an less inclined to donate to what sounds like a good cause nowadays, because you later find out that your money went for “administration” costs or was diverted to some other cause.

  8. God's dark italian princess

    Can you post a link to this info? If that is the case that is TOTAL BS!!!

  9. Many of the Vick dogs were taken to Best Friends Sanctuary where they were successfully rehabilitated. I don’t know about this article or the rest of the dogs, but they can be rehabilitated and put into homes.

  10. Yes I heard about their stand on the dogs being euthanized quite a while ago. As for the fund raising no I hadn’t heard but if it is true I can’t say I’m surprised it has become typical for this origination. They are becoming another PETA trying to do away with domestic animals entirely. If I were one of donors that had donated to this fund I think I would file charges for fraud. As far as if the dogs should be put down it depends very much on the individual dog. I believe quite a few of them have been placed in pet homes and 1 or 2 are even working as therapy dogs, but a few were also ultimately euthanized because the couldn’t be rehabed

  11. Be careful what you read and look at the source. This is a press release by a private organization with its own agenda – Center For Consumer Freedom. It expresses their views and opinions. Any group can send out a press release. It is not an actual news story written by an independent journalist.

    I agree with HSUS on some things and not on others. But this is not news – it is opinion.

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