Discover the Truth about Pet Foods!

Pittman & Davis Discover a healthy and fresh alternative to store-bought pet foods. Store-bought pet foods often contain harmful fillers – ingredients that are NOT healthy for your dog or cat. This video exposes these practices and tells you where you can get more information as well as a free sample of quality pet food.

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2 comments on “Discover the Truth about Pet Foods!

  1. yeah sure.
    I still feed my dog’s fresh meat, organs, bones, fish, vegetables etc etc.
    Why feed them dry kibble if there is so much more that tastes better and is healthyer.

  2. @lovethijs -I heard the kind of feeding you give your dog is the best way to go. I tried it for my dog but he got bored of it very fast. I think i would have to try it again to see what he really likes. Ill try beef and fish.

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