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Question by : Do I qualify as a “Cat Lady”?
I am so paranoid of being called a Cat Lady. I have two, and I do not want any more. Besides, my apartment complex only allows two pets (cats or dogs) total. I’m a vet tech at an animal hospital… so obviously I love animals. I just got a kitten last week. I wanted my adult cat to have company while I’m at work. I didn’t really worry about the whole “Cat Lady” thing until today, when my manager told me I was one since I have two cats. Also, the other vet techs kept saying how cats love me and that I’m the “Cat Whisperer”. I took so much offense to the “Cat Lady” thing. To me it means a smelly old woman with scraggly long gray hair that has at least four smelly cats in a smelly old house. (I am 22 years old.) My pets are like children to me… I rescued my first cat when she was five weeks old. I would never give up either one, but now I wish I only had one cat. Please, someone tell me I do not qualify as a cat lady. I especially don’t want guys to be turned off by it. Heeeeeelllllp.
Thanks everyone for your comments! I’ll continue to read ’em. You guys have been helpful! I feel better 🙂
Thanks girls for your answers… and Gary B, I answer “no” to all those choices :-). Naps with cats, thanks for your insight, and yes I do keep a clean apartment including the litter box 🙂 no smells here!

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Answer by soccrgurl99
I have two cats and no one considers me as a cat lady. Sorry!! Don’t worry about it. Just ignore what people say. It was your choice to get another kitten, not theirs! If they other people don’t like what you like, thats OK.

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  1. bloomorningglory

    No, two is definitely in the realm of average in my world 🙂 Cat-lady starts around 5 or something. Of course, around here you can only have 2 or 3 depending on city limits so that helps too..

  2. naps with cats

    I used to have only 2 cats . . . until I started volunteering at the kill shelter.

    When I got to adopting 9 cats, 6 with special needs (I’m Red-Cross certified) I had to stop volunteering. I volunteered in every area because i wanted to help so badly, but as they were about to euthanize one because of a disability, or another because they were so crowded, or another because it was so sick, etc.

    BUT, I only believe someone is a “crazy cat lady” if they are unable to care for the cats they have and, like you, their house is smelly and dirty.

    I work extra hard to keep a smell-free house – which I do and have been told same, got entire deposit back from old apartment because I am clean and I keep my indoor-only cats clean, feed them the best food, have nail-trim day, ear cleaning day, lots of brushins, lovins’ and belly-rubbins; lots of play, litter cleaning 2x/day (huge boxes around hosue) and then we all nap together (ahhhhhhhhh, the best time of the day).

    So I don’t mind if people want to call me whatever they call me, but I know people who have one cat that should be turned into Animal Services for the way they treat their one cat, or their house smells, they don’t keep their cat clean and feed them “Meow Mix” with no nutrients, etc.

    Soooo, after reading what you wrote, I think your manager was actually being playful with you and meant well; telling you in her way that she has a full understanding how good you are with the cats. (Just from my observation of what you wrote).

  3. There is more to being a cat lady than that.
    – Does our house smell like a litter box and you ignore it?
    – You need at least 10 cats, one of which is blind and throws up all over the place. Two that are feral and attack you, two that you are ‘watching’ for a friend
    – Is there no place to sit at your house because cats are on furniture?
    – Do you have a bumper sticker – I love cats or – who needs men – i have cats
    – Does more than half of your food budget go to friskies?
    – Do you buy cat food in 20 pound bags?

  4. People have called me a cat lady but in a good way because of how much cats love me and how much I love cats.
    I have 4 cats of my own, all of which I rescued. I knew a guy at work that has 10 cats but he isn’t a “Cat guy”
    I think you become the -Crazy- cat lady when you become so obsessed with your cats that people, yourself, a social life, work, and the outside world become so much less important to you. There is a documentary call “Cat Ladies” that really shows one what a Crazy cat lady is. I know Crazy Dog people, Crazy snake people Crazy Horse people, Crazy comic book people. It’s when one aspect of your life becomes an obsession, that is when it becomes a problem.
    Learn to love the term cat lady if you know you have a healthy lifestyle.

  5. nope yoou dont. a cat lady is old, and smelly, and has at LEAST a minimum of 12 cats, thank you very much! i dont have any cats… im a doggy girl

  6. well you explained what you think a cat lady is. you said ” To me it means a smelly old woman with scraggly long gray hair that has at least four smelly cats in a smelly old house”. and if you arent that then no one thinks that. Maybe they think a “cat lady” is a beautiful, clean, 22 year old woman that loves her two cats. there is nothing wrong with that in my oppinion. Dont be ashamed of loving your animals.
    I hope i helped you 🙂

  7. Diana Hernandez

    No Definetly Not A “Cat Lady” normally has more then 6 cats.
    So NO u dont qualify

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