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Question by 1st Amendment Nut: Do rattlesnakes chase humans?
OK, I am sure a lot of you heard that report about the Chihuahua that saved the baby from a rattlesnake. Does anyone who actually knows any thing about snakes really believe this? My bet is that a snake wandered into the yard and was cornered either by the baby, or, more likely, by the dog.

The version of the story I read, here on Yahoo, said that the snake persued the child. I had to say something. Snakes do not chase anything that is too big for them to eat.

What do you think this says about the state of local TV “news”.? (This story originated with a local network affiliate in Denver)

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Answer by cigarsnbrew
I’ve had one chasing me for years. And every time I think I’ve evaded the reptile, I hear an ominous “rattle, rattle, rattle” drawing nearer. Then I’m on the run again.

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  1. Snakes will avoid people at all costs. They do however hunt rodents. Seeing as how the Chihuahua is the closest thing the canine family has to a rodent, I can see where the snake got confused. My point being: The snake wasn’t going to attack the child, it was planning on eating the dog/rodent. I firmly believe it struck its intended target, not that the dog miraculously intervened to save the child’s life.

  2. Most likely, the snake had wandered onto the property and somehow had gotten close enough to the child for the rattle to sound. After all, young children like that can be loud and very active in their movements. While I think the ‘fact’ that the snake was chasing the kid is sort of poetic license to beef up the story, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the dog had, in fact, challenged the snake and taken the bite, with or without the knowledge of the child possibly being the intended target. I still think the dog’s actions are awesome.

  3. No, rattle snakes don’t chase people. They coil up in a corner and rattle if they feel threatened.
    What may have happened was the baby was getting too close to the snake, (not knowing better) and the dog intervened. The news probably just wanted a more interesting story, or the parents reported it wrong.
    I’ve heard of dogs killing rattlers that people didn’t know were there and were about to get bitten by.

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