Do you agree with conservatives who tell people w/o insurance, “just go and get a job”?

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Question by Ted N: Do you agree with conservatives who tell people w/o insurance, “just go and get a job”?
I hear people complaining about not having health insurance, not being able to afford it due to pre-existing condition, but not being poor enough to qualify for state aid or Medicaid and the response that is often given to these people is “why don’t you just get a job?” What about those working poor who do have a job, are working just to survive, were not lucky enough to find a job where the employer didn’t mind being burdened with providing the health insurance and cannot get state aid owing to not being poor enough and can’t afford insurance on the private market? I’m sorry, but I know plenty of working poor who do work hard, don’t have benefits through their jobs, don’t qualify for state aid as they work and make just enough to survive and don’t spend their low incomes on luxuries. Also, why should employers be responsible for providing health insurance? They don’t provide your car insurance, renter’s insurance, pet insurance, so why do we keep this relic from the 1940s that impedes the growth of small businesses as well as limiting job mobility?

1. Not all jobs provide insurance.
2. People are willing to take those jobs in a sour economy.
3. Buying insurance on the private market outside of a work pool can be prohibitively expensive.
4. Not all people who can’t afford private insurance are out buying rims for their Escalades despite what talk radio tells you, many are spending money on “luxuries” like rent and food and public transportation. I have known a lot of working poor from having lived in Las Vegas and Phoenix.
5. Many people who do work, but earn only enough to pay rent and groceries, are not eligible for state aid as they are not absolutely destitute.

Where does this lack of empathy come from? Why do people try to block it out by pretending that all people without insurance are that way b/c they don’t work or spend all their disposable income on luxuries? Do they ride the bus with the people cleaning houses, digging ditches (not all of whom are illegals, I ride the bus with plenty of “real” Americans who do menial jobs as a way to survive) or picking up trash off the side of the freeway?
Uh, excuse me, but I have seen several posters on this board who have said just that to people w/o benefits. I find it to be a callous or hopelessly naive statement considering how many working poor we have in the US population. I am talking about US citizens or legal immigrants in my post who want health insurance but weren’t lucky enough to find an employer who offers it, don’t qualify for state aid and don’t have the money for a private polilcy.
Nice for your daughter that she can buy her own policy. Is she young and healthy? Try being 45 and having a pre-existing condition.

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Answer by Primo
Nobody said that. How bout we stop spending money on illegals and use them on our own people

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  1. I feel for people who are sick and need coverage. I do not feel for young people who get pregnant on purpose without any income and then go up to the medicaid office and then the WIC office to get all the essentials for their babies. That makes me crazy. You should not be having kids on purpose if you have no income. Period. End. Of. Story. To those people, I say get a job.

  2. I am 45, I have Multiple Sclerosis and Migraine Disease and I still don’t want to be on your Obamacare!

  3. Why dont we go back a century. Self treatment, dont do stupid stuff to get yourself hurt, dont go to the doctor for every little thing, toughen up a little, when its your time its your time, no use waisting a million to live an extra month stuck in a bed; make the doctors quit sucking on the insurance teat and maybe that will help things a little. I dont agree with that statement. Its not available with every job. Not everyone wants or needs health insurance. I dont want it forced down my throat. America takes care of the people that are in dire need of medical help through government programs and many charity programs. Democracy Rules! Socialists can suck it!

  4. Perhaps It’s not a lack of “empathy” towards others but rather a stand towards what is ethically and morally right. How can a person feel that others should be “forced” and required to provide anything for them? The truth is that most people would gladly donate to help others but being forced is against our freedom’s. Where in the US Constitution does it provide more for some individuals than others, especially at the expense of only some of the individuals? When did the idea that some people are “entitled” or “owed” because they don’t have something? What happened to doing what is necessary to provide for yourself? Hand-out programs have become a career path for some individuals and it needs to stop on a government level. Our vets deserve free health care for life, serve this country and you deserve health care

  5. The people who make these types of comments are clearly out of touch with reality, most likely due to having lived a sheltered life.

    It’s very interesting that women who were Republicans while married become Democrats after they get divorced. That tells me that once they have experienced struggle themselves they finally see why “every man for himself” policies and attitudes are unfair and selfish.

  6. I make under 24 a yr I do not drive any esclade,I live within my means and have worked since I was 16yrs of age,I don,t want to be forced to buy anything nor do I want to be forced to pay for someone else that is not a my child,does our health care need some reform,,yes it does,but when you consider just hunting and elimnating those that game the system would do alot of good but they won,t cause it touches on a whole diffrent subject(illegal imigration),,and I don,t care who you ride the bus with,I,m sure you do not speak for all of them.

  7. Huevos Rancheros ®

    Yes. There are people with jobs but opt out of coverage because they feel it’s too expensive. I know a guy that I used to work with that didn’t buy insurance because it was cutting into his party money. Hmmp, go figure.

  8. Yes. That’s what we did. My daughter has a job in the mall and pays for her own health insurance. It’s really not that big a deal, unless your ego won’t allow you to work certain jobs in order to provide for yourself.

    Yes, she’s young and healthy. We’re old and rickety and have coverage. If you have a pre-existing condition, you’ll get coverage although there might be a waiting period.

    I have empathy for those who truly cannot provide for themselves. I don’t really feel sorry for able-bodied people who don’t do anything to help themselves or anybody else and then expect other people to help them when they need it. For instance, many of my daughter’s healthy young friends choose not to get the insurance, even though it’s only about a hundred bucks per month for medical and dental, but yet they eat out every meal and go to the bars several times a week. I don’t care if they eat out and go to the bars, but don’t do that and then expect me to feel sorry for you when you need medical insurance but chose to drink your insurance premiums instead. As you know, a large percentage of those without medical insurance are young adults.

  9. Yep, get a job. Even McDonalds provides some benefits, I promise you won’t find it on the sofa!

  10. spirit_of_tom_joad

    CONs who say that are either myopic and stupid or just plain sociopaths.

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