Do you have a “lost pet” protocol?

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Question by Ruby: Do you have a “lost pet” protocol?
Have you ever lost a pet?
If so, how did you find him?
Have you ever found a pet?
Did you reunite him with his owner?

Story: My cat bolted out the door yesterday as I was loading the car. She is an indoor cat (and has a mild case of ‘kitten brain’ still) so she was gone in a flash.

After two hours of calling her name and asking all of the neighbors if they’d seen her, I walked into a further section of the neighborhood and noticed a couple standing outside. When I asked if they had seen a grey and white kitten, they took me to their apartment and there was my girl, collarless. I profusely thanked them, and then mentioned that she must have lost her collar. The man gave me a sort of dirty look, opened a drawer.. and gave me her collar back.

It disturbs me that they did not call my number on her tags and removed the collar from a healthy-looking, well-taken-care-of cat that randomly showed up on their lawn.

She is also microchipped but I have no idea how that would help in this situation.

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Answer by Celine
My cat was lost for about 6 months. By that time I was convinced he was dead, since he was an outdoor cat. He was microchipped, but his collar slipped off and we hadn’t replaced it yet. One day I came home from school and I saw a carrier. I was so confused. I wondered if my dad had gotten us a new pet? Maybe for a surprise? I was getting excited and I ran upstairs. I saw a orange cat on my stairs. I called his name, “Tiger?!” It was definitely him! I ran into the den and he was sitting there. I called my dad. Supposedly a man took him in, thinking he was a stray, and didn’t take it to the vet (what a douche) And finally when my cat got into a fight with another one he took him to the vet and they scanned him for the chip. And my dad was called and they took him home.

I held Tiger and cried. It’s amazing when just when you are convinced you’ll never see the animal again (and cried about it) they come back.

Also when my mom was picking me up from a friend’s house she ringed the apartment door thing and told me to come down and help her because she had found a dog. The dog was big, strong, and friendly. I wondered if we could take him home. We did the right thing and dropped him off at the vet (took about 5 min to walk there) and they told us if they were going to put him up for adoption they would call us. We never got a phone call, so hopefully he’s with his owner.\

Edit: I can’t believe how similar our stories are. I’m so glad you got her back before they added her to the family (like in my case) and it was only two hours, which must have been a long two hours for you, but imagine the same situation for six months!

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  1. I live in a small country village of 300 souls. If one of my cats doesn’t come home I saunter up the lane to the local coffee shop – stick my head in the door – ask; “has anyone seen my cat” – then saunter back home.

    Guaranteed; within a 1/2 hour I will get a phone call telling me where to find my cat or somebody will deliver it to the door.

    We use the same communication system when we are looking to adopt a pet or find a date. Just let the ”coffee club” know what you’re looking for and they will get it for you. I have no idea how they do it and nobody here questions it.

  2. I was advised by a shelter worker *not* to put our pet’s name on the tag. Put your name and phone number. That way, when you find your pet, you can call them by their familiar name and have them answer, while the finder will be trying to use whatever name they made up that is unfamiliar and the animal won’t respond.

    It’s a good thing you had your kitty chipped. If it makes you feel any better, vets will routinely scan “new” cats that people bring in if they didn’t adopt from a shelter. If different info pops up, the old owner is contacted.

    I’m glad you found your kitty. Sounds like she must be a real gem for the people to want to try to keep her! Lucky you! Glad it all worked out.

    And, yeah – those people were a real piece of work.
    At least you know where to look for your cat if she turns up missing again.

  3. Unfortunately Ruby, many of ‘these’ people are of the opinion that they are somehow ‘teaching you a lesson’. How dare that animal encroach their space … forget the fact that humans are forever encroaching their natural habitat (everywhere).

    I am very happy to hear you got your baby back but this is where i wonder, where is OUR protection??? Last i checked, in US, theft was still illegal … imo, by making -0- attempt to return the animal, it’s theft and should be charged as such … he could be charged if it was your laptop he found or your car or your purse or your child or, or, or … why not the cat ???
    granny mouse

  4. pony person =]

    i didnt read your question… it was too looooooooonnnnnnnnnggggg

    you have a cute kitty though (:

  5. *woody~horse*

    Yea. my cat got out one time for about a week. We put out posters, told neighbors, ect. ect. Actually, in the middle of the night our 2 dogs had to go potty, so we let them out back. They started barking like mad at the fence, and on top was my kitty! I was soo happy. One time I found a dog. I put up posters and all day went door to door all over and I finally found the owners. They bursted out into tears and gave lots of hugs. I felt so good 🙂 and i cant believe those people did that.. Thats horrible!

  6. You owe these creeps nothing.You did everything right.I would suggest
    writing their address and calling the complex as it seems like these people need to be out of the neighborhood for luring people’s pet to
    steal.So glad you got your kitty back.Give her a hug from my four,
    Sweetness,Cleveland,Katherine,and Bella.

  7. I’ve found many animals. Most luckily had collars with contact info.
    I haven’t ever lost a companion.

    My advice to others on finding your cat:

    Continue searching for your cat.
    Talk to neighbors. Give them pictures of your cat and ask them to contact you if they see them.
    Put up fliers with pictures and contact info.
    Call vets offices and give a description and contact info…fax them a picture. If someone brings in your cat, they might identify it and call you.
    If your cat is chipped, vets and shelters will be able to contact you if they’re brought in.
    Call shelters and rescues…give a description, contact info, and fax them pictures. If they have your cat or find them, they’ll call you.
    Put missing ads in the newspaper.

    I’m very happy to hear you found your baby. I’m also greatly disturbed at the people’s actions on not contacting you when they had her collar.
    Assuming they would be somewhat responsible “owners” if they kept your cat and took her to the vet like all new additions should be, the vet would see the chips info and contact you. So, microchipping is helpful…and it has been helpful to reunite a lot of companions with their families. So, I do think microchipping should be done as a precaution for everyone’s loved ones.

    Euros and Chester were strays when I found them. Neither had collars or chips. My efforts to find their owners were in vain and I was somewhat relieved…because truly, they’d stolen my heart the moment I found them.

  8. That is a disturbing story- I can’t believe that she had a collar with your name on it and they still kept her! That’s really creepy, you’re lucky they were standing outside and you directly confronted them, otherwise they’d never have given her back.

    I have never lost a pet- our cats are all terrified of being outside and the yard is fenced to keep the dogs in.

    A few weeks ago my horse trainer’s boxer wandered away (her husband was fixing a tractor (he thought the dog was right there, but it apparently wasn’t). They found him a week later when a woman called saying she saw a dog wandering around that looked like him (she saw a lost poster)… and he’d been shot by a shotgun several times! He was even shot in the butt which means the person shot him while he was running away… definitely not in self defense! The shots broke his leg and he was around 15 pounds lighter than when he disappeared. He was wearing a collar with tags… people don’t seem to care about strays anymore!

    EDIT– oh, forgot one story that someone else reminded me of…
    when my mom was a kid, they had a tabby cat with no markings. Once, it disappeared for a few days and they couldn’t find it. Then, her brother found a dead tabby by the side of the road. They didn’t look too close at the body, they just took it home and buried it thinking it was theirs. The day after they buried the other cat, their cat came home! So they have a stranger’s cat buried in their backyard…

  9. KHAYOS-nice 2 ANIMALS not people

    Glad you got your girl back.

    We adopted a stray, named him Purgatory. He ran out the door when it was snowing. It got bad. I talked to neighbors, put up ads, and flyers. Sat outside and called for him, but noIthing. 7 days passed and I assumed he must have got locked in a shed or crawled into someones car engine.

    Next day, I heard crying outside my door and there he was. Dirty and he’d lost a lot of weight. So I think he must have been trapped in a shed and someone just opened it that day/night.


    When we found Purg he was emancipated and injursed. We got him vet care, looked for his owners, no one claimed him, so we got him neutered and kept him.

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