Does anyone ever question who really is behind the “spay and neuter” rule?

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Question by Love’s Excelling Way: Does anyone ever question who really is behind the “spay and neuter” rule?
I agree that there may be an over population of pets. But that is largely due to people abandoning their pets.
I wonder who really is behind the “you must spay or neuter your pet” rule. Could it be breeders who make huge profits that are afraid if you let your dogs have puppies you will take business away from them?

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Answer by Fralze S
Spay and neuter has been used for ages already, like 500 years ago they were also doing it

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  1. I only have a neuter contract when I do breed my dogs. I dont sell to other breeders. nor do I want my puppies bred. That is my option. I have had a few puppies that were spectacular and they did go to the show ring with full AKC registration. I got one of the puppies 3 years later. (she is with my father now).
    But I dont breed puppies to sell to breeders. I breed puppies for the show puppy, or to keep a puppy for myself out of the females that I have (2 un altered cocker females and 1 un altered doberman female). I have people that want a puppy from us when we do breed.
    But I have not sold to other breeders or people that just want to breed one time… if they dont know what they are doing allot can happen to the female and the puppies.
    nope, neuter contract all the way.
    who came up with the rule, I didnt know there was a rule. Just a preferance.

  2. That is an interesting observation, but to learn the truth, you really need to volunteer a week at a shelter. You need to be there on Fridays, when the decision has to be made about which pets must be put to sleep to make room for the new ones brought in. There is no way for the current shelters to house and care for all of the homeless pets.
    Irresponsible owners are THE only reason the huge shelter overpopulation exists.
    We have tried for years to educate the pet owners, and nearly every community has a low-cost s/n program, and yet owners continue to allow their dogs to keep churning out puppies.
    I do believe that more free programs are needed, so that everyone CAN afford to have pets altered.
    I HATE government intervention in every aspect of our lives. However, we cannot legislate responsibility, and pet owners refuse to become responsible…so that mandatory spay seems the only option.
    We, in USA KILLED 5 MILLION pets in shelters last year!
    The killing has to stop!
    Mandatory spay/neuter is a huge hassle for breeders.
    I don’t know of any that would choose that kind of law. But someone has to do something to stop the slaughter.

    What do YOU recommend?

  3. Nope.

    As a breeder I don’t worry at all. Perhaps the backyard breeders do… but in most responsible breeders cases there really isn’t much of an issue selling high quality pups. My last litter I sold a puppy to someone who let a $ 500 deposit with another breeder go because she’d been on that breeder’s waiting list for *2* YEARS. There is a huge difference between someone who is willing to spend $ 500-$ 800 on a backyard breed dog of my breed and take a chance on the health, temperament and lack of adherence to the breed standard and someone who is willing to WAIT for a puppy and willing to spend $ 1500-$ 2200 from a breeder who breeds infrequently but produces exceptional dogs that come with a GUARANTEE as well as a mandatory return policy if the dog is ever in need of rehoming.

    My personal belief is that there is less of an overpopulation problem than there was 20 years ago. Fewer dogs are being euthanized than there were than. I believe the BIGGEST issue is as you mentioned: People abandoning their pets… which has more to do with a lack of responsiblity than anything else. This is primarily a problem in the US. Europe doesn’t have the same problems … and in some progressive European countries spay/neuter is OUTLAWED except when there is a medical necessity.

    As far as profits go.. I’ve been audited by the IRS for my “huge” profits. There are none…. or very very little at least… and if I actually PAID myself my salary was less than 10 cents an hour for 2006 (audited for 2006 in Jan of 2008).

    The reality is.. there are differences between backyard bred dogs who barely resemble the breed they are supposed to be and who were bred without any real research into pedigree, temperament or working ability and those bred by a responsible breeder. Anyone looking at a litter of those pups and looking at a litter of mine can see the difference.

  4. If the people who abandon their pets bought them from reputable breeders….there wouldn’t be a serious overpopulation of pets. Most reputable, responsible breeders don’t make huge profits. Reputable breeders sell their pets with a contract and a return clause. The progeny of reputable breeders’ pets do not enter shelters.

    People who abandon their pets get their pets from loser breeders who should have spayed and neutered but didn’t.

    The spay and neuter thing is a “rule” for me as I do not want to contribute to pet overpopulation in any way, but I don’t look at it as a rule for anyone else. I think of spaying and neutering more as a “recommended guideline.”

    Contracts and return clauses should be the rule. If you are responsible for bringing a living being into this world, you are responsible for it for the duration of its life….as well as for all its progeny’s lives.

  5. Swamp Poodles *TAS*

    No, I’ve never thought that. Since “reputable breeders” have no problem finding buyers for their puppies, even having 1-2 year waiting lists (sometimes more!)-

    It those *others* you speak of that are on here 20 times a day trying to find out how to get rid of their puppies. Some that are even so damn irresponsible that they “don’t want to sit in the Wal-Mart parking lot”- and “don’t want to pay the shelter to take them”

    The problem, my dear, isn’t *real breeder*- its morons, idiots, and imbeciles.

  6. Yeap, I do…it is groups like PETA and their ilk. It is people that would like to make up your mind for you bevcause you supposedly do not have one, it is people that tell you that you are NOT responsible enough to keep an intact animal, and you agree by doing what they want you to do.
    Now a word about good, reputable breeders and pay attention… I know of several of them who produce world class animals, and, they all make a ton of money doing it.
    Do not fall for that crap that they lose money and there is no money in breeding, if that was true they would not be doing it.
    Yes, they do produce great animals and they do contribute to the betterment of the breed, but, they also make a lot of money on it. As an example, let’s look at a small breeder who breeds 2-3 litters a year and sells his dogs for $ 2500 without breeding rights and $ 5000 with breeding rights.
    If that breeder produces 24 puppies a year, do the math and see how much he makes.
    And, before anyone jumps and talks about expenses, breeders do their own shots and such and a bag of the BEST quality dog food will cost you $ 50 for the 5 weeks you feed a few puppies.
    Wake up and realize that NO ONE will breed, just to breed and lose money, people have expenses and bills to pay.
    Hope I helped!

  7. Really after you have a big long think about. Desexing dogs is the only way.
    Imagine if everyone let their dogs reproduce!!!!!!
    This is rather a silly question that I once asked myself, but after being educated on the whole entire situation there are far more reasons than just the huge problem of overpopulation.
    Stick around here for awhile and really open your mind to the disaterous effects of any willy nilly breeding their dogs.

  8. I love my GSD! (and the BDG)

    Responsible breeders do not make “huge profits”. If theya re lucky they will make enough to cover the time they took off work to be with mom and puppies. Also responsible breeders do not need to compete with Mutts. They cater to a whole different category of dog owner. I have nothing against mutts, I foster them quite often. They have a better shot at gettting adopted if they are handled and trained. Pet overpopulation is due to people who refuse to spay and neuter their pets and when they wind up pregnant do not take of them or do not have the means to take care of them. They are unplanned unwanted pets that are passed onto other people who “purchase” them on a whim and realize that a dog is an actual responsibilty adn they refuse to care for it, so they dump it.

  9. Ok, there’s a few holes in your theory. First of all I am one who is behind the “you must spay or neuter your pet” and I’m not a breeder. Another hole is that you’re saying breeders “make huge profits”. That’s just not true. If you really do follow the money you’ll find out that puppy mills make more money than responsible breeders do.

    I have a friend who did the old “I’m going to breed my female dog just to get back what I paid for her…I’m only going to do this once.” Yeah, then she found out that it cost her around $ 100 per pup. That was only Vet bills. So, she went and had another litter. Sheesh. There’s really not much money in being a responsible breeder…if there was a lot of money in it the folks who do it wouldn’t have “real” jobs as nurses, secretaries, factory workers, lunch ladies, janitors, etc.

    It may be good and responsible breeders who are the ones saying “you must spay or neuter your pet” because of what they are seeing happen all over the place…poorly bred dogs who end up with a myriad of health problems and then get dumped into a shelter and die at a very young age. They may just be getting sick and tired of all the nonsense and are finally speaking up. I think it’s about time.

  10. Maybe its the people who work in shelters and have to see poor innocent animals being put down daily because some moron didn’t think it was necessary to spay or neuter their dog. If there weren’t so many accidental dogs out there there wouldn’t be useless owners who pick them up for cheap then decide they can’t take care of them. There are health benefits to doing it as well, so why not do it? How could people abandoning their dogs be responsible for the over population of dogs? If the dogs weren’t there in the first place, they wouldn’t get sent to already full shelters. Every accidental litter of 10 is 10 more dead puppies in shelters. It’s irresponsible to not have your dogs fixed. Reputable breeders do not make a lot of money, my mom has been professionally breeding dogs for years and she doesn’t make a lot of money, every dollar you spend on a purebred dog from good lines and a champion dog goes towards something, vet care, proper food, you name it. A good breeder will also know exactly where every single dog they have had is, how they are doing, how long they live, and if the person doesn’t want their dog the breeder should take it back and find it a new home, its a huge responsibily and prevents any of those dogs from ending up in a shelter.

    On a side note, it’s also a gamble to say you’re not going to neuter your dog because you would make sure you would watch him close and nothing would happen. If a male smells a female in heat he will do anything, dig, bark, scratch, jump, break though a fence, to get to her. If someone says the same for a female, you don’t know when a male is going to wander in while your not looking, or away. I see so many people on here that say “My dog is pregnant, but I don’t know how!” and then later “My dog is in labor, what should I do!?”. That’s not fair.

  11. MUST spay or neuter? There is no law (at least not in my state) that says you have to do it. It’s a suggestion because there are so many strays and millions of animals are euthanized in shelters every year. Mostly mutts, so I don’t think breeders are behind it. Did you also know that for every year your female is not spayed, her chances for breast cancer rise? It’s not that expensive, the healing time is fairly quick and we don’t have to put these wonderful animals down.

  12. High Quality Reputable Breeders DO NOT breed for money. In fact they spend more they make in profit from selling the dog. They breed for two reasons: 1- They have a deep and profound love and respect for that breed of dog, 2- They breed for the single purpose of bettering the breed. In fact reputable breeders only have one or two litters a year and three litters per bitch at most. They don’t make HUGE profits that couldn’t be further from the truth.

    Reputable breeders guarantee the puppy for life, get every puppy in the litter vet checked, de wormed and their first set of shots, not to mention usually go through a lengthy interviewing process before selecting good candidates to receive a puppy. They will also take a puppy back if you can no longer care for it. Some even pay for spay/neutering to ensure it gets done.

    People who spay and neuter don’t do it because they are ordered to, they do it because they know that its the right thing to do, to try and put an end to the animal holocaust we are in the middle of. 15 million dogs and cats are euthanized in the US and Canada every year, that is worse then a holocaust it is un-describable, there are no words.

    The overpopulation is LARGELY due to puppy mills (these are the ones who make huge profits) and pet stores and irresponsible pet owners. People use birth control, and it is up to us to make that choice for the animals that depend on us.

  13. Not just people abandoning their pets but also when pets are not fixed they tend to wander trying to find a mate. They will try anything to get out of the house, especially cats. Cats make a lot of kittens and a lot of them just wind up roaming the streets getting hit by cars, beaten my cruel people and put in pounds then killed. Vets want you to spay and neuter your pets because they care for animals and don’t want to see these things happen, also because it brings them in money. I don’t think that breeders have too much to do with it. Actually I think people should quit breeding all these animals because there are already so many pets that need homes, and a mutt can be just as good of a pet as any full blooded animal!

  14. Bob Barker is behind it.

  15. I’m neutering my dog/pup soon but it’s not because of the rule. I think it’s really difficult to enforce and I could get away with not neutering my dog if I wanted to. But I am doing it anyway because of the health benefits that neutering can bring to my dog.

    However, IF neutering only served the purpose of prevention of overpopulation(which means it won’t prevent aggressiveness etc.), I probably would want my dog to keep his “manhood”. WHY would I want to take away a harmless paret of him when I KNOW that I would never ever use him to breed or let him get intimate contact with a b*tch that results in unwanted pregnancy?

  16. I think that breeders are not worried about having hundreds of mutts out there, The people behind the rule are people who work in shelters, who literally have to shovel corpses of dead puppies and kittens into incinerators because of the huge, unmanageable over-population of these animals.

  17. no i dont believe it is the breeders. and i will say that a lot of the reason we have such an over population of cats and dogs is due to irresponsible breeding and puppy mills. it is also due to people who either dont know or dont care enough to get their dog spayed or neuter. then they want to know why there female dog is pregnant when it stays in the yard all day in heat. well every in tact male dog in the neighborhood came and took his turn. and when their dog does have these puppies they usually end up in a shelter where they will be euthanized due to lack of cage space. also do not discount the amount of people who buy dogs because they think puppies are cute but dont want to actually take care of a dog and end up getting rid of it when they stop looking like a puppy. while i agree that it may infringe on a person’s right to do with their dog as they wish i also think that it very much needed and a good idea even if not very enforcable.

  18. lol….your on the right track! follow the money!

    but beware….if your gonna jump down the bunny hole…be prepared for what you find….its dark and ominous!

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