Does “Dr. Phil” actually have a degree from a recognized institute of higher learning or just from “Oprah U”.

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Question by EMAILSKIP: Does “Dr. Phil” actually have a degree from a recognized institute of higher learning or just from “Oprah U”.
Is he a licensed psychologist? He’s not a Psychiatrist with an MD degree. What real degree has he earned and from what University or College and when was it awarded, or was it an “Honorary” degree awarded so he could “catch up” with his TV fame? Let’s get some facts here on this “crackpot shrink”. Does he do more damage than good and if he does any damage should he be allowed to “play a doctor on TV” and further mess up people’s lives who may believe he really is a Doctor and knows what he is talking about? Perhaps he’s more of an “advice” columnist like Ann Landers and Dear Abby were with no actual “training” other than life-experiences. Anybody “really” know the truth? Let’s pull the feathers on this bird brain.

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Answer by J F
he graduated in 1975 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology. He went on to earn a Master’s degree in experimental psychology in 1976, and a Ph.D in clinical psychology in 1979 at the University of North Texas[5], where his dissertation was titled “Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Psychological Intervention.”

from wiki

Truth is if he didn’t have a degree, we’d have known about it by now.

I don’t like him either.

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  1. Howard Stern went on Letterman the other night lambasting Dr. Phil on how he has no credibility and only cares about ratings. He went to University of North Texas for his PhD, a 4th tier college, which means it has the lowest ranking. What’s more is that his thesis was on rheumatoid arthritis. So he has no business giving people advice. Also his license was suspended for having a sexual relationship with a teenage client. He was ordered to take ethics classes, but never finished them. I don’t think he even currently holds a license.

    Watch this funny clip of Letterman in which Howard Stern exposes the real “Dr.” Phil (start at 0:30):

  2. My PSYC professor had absolutely NO respect for this man. He would bristle at any mention of this “pop” psychologist and then proceed to vent his anger on the unsuspecting student who had the gall, yes gall, to even mention Dr. Phil in an institution of higher learning. My opinion of Dr. Phil? He’s ok in my book because he is trying to reach out and help folks who do NEED help…Doh!

  3. It’s scary that he’s considered credible. I haven’t had a TV in years, & yet I know who the guy is.
    He’s bombastic, overbearing, & intrusive, ruling his subjects by fear.
    I think his primary goal is to stir up excitement in order to maintain his celebrity, not to help people. His ego is front & center.
    A psychologist or any other mental health practitioner is in a position of authority & has a responsibility to exercise it wisely.
    Oprah provided her audience a patriarch, which is probably a comfort for some who long for the old order of things. But, he’s there, to the extent that she permits him, which I think is an interesting twist.
    Therapists are a dime a dozen, especially where I live (a saturated market). There are probably loads of them who’d work for free to have that kind of exposure.

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