Does this mean their bird won’t bite me?

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Question by : Does this mean their bird won’t bite me?
I want to get a pet bird from PJ’s Pet store. Is it a bad idea to get a bird from a pet store?

“When you purchase a bird from us, you can be confident that your bird has received the very best care and an abundance of love during its stay with us. Our babies are raised in our nurseries by specially trained staff. Every effort is made to encourage proper physical and emotional development. You will always find our birds housed appropriately in the best quality cages. No expense is spared in providing toys and optimal nutrition.”

^ That’s what it says on their site…what do you think? I don’t want to get bitten lol..
How bad does it hurt to get bitten by a bird? Is it dangerous?

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Answer by Alex
depends on the size of the bird. if its a parakeet or around that size it can be very painful when they bite their hardest. if its around the size of an indian ringneck it can make you bleed… ALOT… and cockatoos and macaws have the ability to amputate human fingers. but all birds would only bite like that when theyre defending themselves or food or young etc. if its your first bird reach for the small birds, budgies, lorikeets, cockatiels, loris, senegals, caiques, lovebirds, conures and many many more. dont worry, your fingers are going to be just fine lol 😛

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  1. Birds are complex creatures and different individuals will have different personalities. Some are more prone to biting than others. Having a bird that was socialized early can significantly improve your chance of getting a bird that won’t bite but it’s no guaranty. Biting is one of the many ways birds communicate with each other and it will never be completely eliminated.

    Buying a pet from a pet shop don’t mean you’ll have a bad bird either. My budgie come from a pet shop and he’s very healthy according to his vet. He’s also very friendly. He NEVER bite. The worst he’ll do is very light warning bites that don’t hurt at all.

    So, it mostly depend of the bird and how he was socialized. You can’t be sure you won’t end up with a biting bird.

    As for how hard they bite, it mostly depend of the species. Macaws can do a lot of damage, piercing skin and leaving scars. Smaller birds will usually just pinch. It hurt but it’s not so bad.

  2. Most Parrots and other Exotic birds can drive a Nasty bite, but it’s nothing serious where you might have to be rushed to the Emergency room. Unless you got a big mean Macaw, they are liable to rip your fingers off. I got my Lovebird from Petsmart and he has NEVER bitten me. Just ask the Employees if you can handle one of the birds that you are interested in and if it doesn’t bite you at all and seems like a sweet bird, look into buying it! They really are great pets, I love mine to Pieces. I would take a Bullet for him anyday.(:

  3. It’s okay to get a bird from a pet store, like a budgie. All of their birds will almost already be checked by a vet.

    Any bird will bite when they are scared. That is their only defense.

    What bird are you talking about? Parakeets (budgies) bites aren’t that hard, but they can draw a tiny bit of blood. Other birds, like macaws, can take whole fingers off. Some medium birds can crush finger bones. Again, this is their ONLY defense, they can’t kick or punch or anything like that.

    Ask them (the employees) when the birds got vet checked.
    If they already got vet checked then don’t worry. Well, make sure you aren’t allergic to them… or if you have respitory problems, birds aren’t good pets to get.

    Good luck and remember to do your research! There is a lot to learn about each bird!

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