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Question by Susan: Does this news story make you reconsider placing you cats on craigslist?
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I got one of my catd from craigslist, and it just scares me knowing that he could have been a victim like this if I was that horrible boy. The owner did not even ask many questions to see if I would be a suitable owner, all she did was ask why I wanted the cat and my response was “I fell in love when I saw his picture” then she handed me the cat and drove off.

Here is the ad placed for one of the cats that was killed:

Please just try your best to accomodate your pets, you never know who is going to get a hold of them!
I am glad that I found my cat on craigslist, I could not have found a better pet. If you are going to give an unwanted pet a loving home I do not believe it matters who you get that pet from. People placing their pet in a new home though certainly need to be more careful :-(.
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WOW!! The makings of a serial killer. Those poor animals, can’t imagine what they suffered.

QUOTE: Nolte learned that Patterson was hoping to study forensics, especially blood spatter.

This guy was a flat out NUT job!! So, now we need to get fingerprint results before rehoming animals?

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  1. I think that is awful what a b*st*rd they should do to him what he did to those poor cats. I have taken in cats from other people but they have asked me to take them as they know i love cats and give them a good life. I would never harm an animal,i even dislike telling mine off ,i feel terrible after.I fostered a cat for 3 months and even went to visit her two weeks after she went home. Sadly she went missing a few weeks later and to my knowledge still hasn’t been found,but then her owner did not call to see how she was when i had her just dumped food containers on the doorstep and even though i went looking for her they never bothered to place an add in any local paper cos i checked every week. Some people shouldn’t have animals!! I’d like to get my hands on that bloke i can tell u!!

  2. Oh that nasty- He needs his a** kicked!!!!!!

  3. we should twist him by his nuts and some one start cutting his penis in slices and etc…. people are cruel, and i love animals

  4. that is just terrible hope he gets his in the end

  5. i had a cousin (he’s 17) who dislikes pets. he do anything to hurt them. he once sprayed insect repellent into my cat’s eyes.. it swelled up real bad and i thought she’ll go blind. she got treated for it and she’s ok now. as for my cousin, he was involved in a bike accident that left him with one eye blind. not sure if its karma….

  6. michele_cat_cyprus

    That news article made me cry, especially when I saw the photos of Taylor, he looked such a sweet cat. I hope that b*****d gets the kind of justice he really he deserves, either within prison walls or outside of them. Hopefully printing his full name makes him easier to find in a dark alley way one night. I know what I’d like to do to someone like that!

    Thankfully, I have never been in the position of having to re-home any of my pets, but hopefully posting these articles will remind people that they need to be very, very careful about who they let adopt their pets.

    I’m going to follow this news story and hope that the next time I see that man’s name it is in the Obituary column.

  7. It’s nice to know some people care about their pets while other need to have there nuts cut off. I hope that guy gets raped everyday in jail by Big Bubba and his friends. I can’t stand people that do things like that to animals and i wish there were harsher punishments for this type of crime.

  8. If i had my way Patterson would be six feet under, and i’m dead serious about that.

  9. ANY time you’re trying to find a home for an animal you have to consider many things.

    Is the person going to resell the animal to a laboratory
    Is the person going to use it to train pit bulls for fighting
    Is the person going to torture the animal for kicks
    Is the person using the animal as free live snake food
    Is the person Asian–will they be eating the dog or cat

    You’re within your rights to really go the extra mile to make sure your pet is going to a good home. You owe it to them.

  10. I can’t believe the former owner of the cat blamed the situation on the fact that the shelters have no more room. Why can’t people realize that pets are a life long commitment, usually too short of a commitment.

    Texas seems to have alot of animal abuse going on, not to say the rest of the states don’t have their share, but the majority of unimaginable stories seem to come from this state.

    I don’t know how people can hand over their pets to strangers, seeing pets that are 7-8 years being “rehomed” don’t they have a heart for a family member that have devoted themselves to the family.

    I just recently had to help a family member find homes for a litter of kittens that a feral cat had at their home. It was heartbreaking not knowing what kind of life they are going to have, I never want to have to do this again! I kept one myself too. The mama has been fixed and released and will not be adding to the population.

    What kind of people walk this earth!

  11. As I’ve said at least 100 times, and I’ll say it again—if you love your kitties—
    As far as getting kittens—go to your local shelter, don’t just get them from anyone off-the-street, or CraigsList or anywhere else. At least at the shelters, they’ve all been vet checked, had shots, been spayed/neutered and are micro-chipped. Know your source before obtaining ANY animal. THIS article is horrible! I hope this jerk spends 5 years in jail!

  12. That Make sme Wanna Cry =[

    Because my Cat got Stolen.

  13. A few years ago, I had a stray at my shop who had kittens in a storage trailer. I made pets of all. I had a man come to my shop and asked if I had some kittens. He stated he wanted them all. I was shocked he wanted them all, and asked him why. He said he needed them before they got any bigger, because he wanted to feed them to his snake. I went to jail for battery that day, and later the Judge dropped the charges. I ran into him at the gas station last year and he had enough sense to give me lots of space. I still have one of those cats, and the other three have wonderful homes. Please be careful when giving away young or old pets.

  14. I think anytime you are going to find your pets a new home there is that risk, you don’t really know who they are going to and you can only find out so much from meeting them. It’s pretty sick what he did to them and they say sociopath people start out small on animals and end up going nutso on people…good thing they caught the sick bastard! Also a lot of people end up with so many kittens from unaltered cats that they really don’t care who they go with as long as they go…sad but true cats just don’t have much value in the world, they are a dime a dozen.

  15. Thank you for posting this public service announcement.
    I hope some of these people here wikk start spayiung and nuetering their cats. If they give away 6 kittens most likely 3 won’t have happy endings

  16. Stories like this always make me sad and so very angry. How anyone can do such a horrible thing to a living animal is completely and totally beyond my comprehension. I’m glad he was caught and is going to jail for the heinous act upon those poor creatures.

    This is why I would never ever try to rehome my animals to someone I didn’t know. You never know what kind of sick people are out there lurking.

  17. There are so many sick people in this world. This article makes me sick. Nobody should advertise on this site. People should stop letting their cats have kittens that nobody wants but the people that abusers. Nobody gives a crap about animals and it makes me sick. Hope the asshole rots in hell because he will certianly do no jail time for this.

  18. Yeah- there are a lot of sicko f**ks out there walking among the normal. Makes you feel safe huh?

    PS- My 2 kitties aren’t even allowed outside because of crap like this.

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