Does this puppy look like a double-merle?

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Question by Julie is GONE: Does this puppy look like a double-merle?
The bottom left one… hopefully it doesn’t get flagged again before you guys see this, lol. This guy’s been posting the same add over and over and it keeps getting flagged. I guess he’s asking for a really high “rehoming” fee or something like that.

I know you can’t always tell from appearances, I’m just curious. He has a lot of white and his eye looks funny to me. No, I am not interested in one of the puppies, don’t worry.
Lol yeah they keep flagging him… I haven’t been but I can see why they would, the post was in all caps and the puppies are 5 weeks old (although he says he’s holding them until later, maybe the flaggers didn’t read the whole thing?). Anyway, here’s the one in question:

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Answer by Libraryanna
The one I had was pretty much entirely white. The eyes don’t look blue, which is what you tend to get with a double merle. The eyes usually are ice blue and they are almost all white.

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3 comments on “Does this puppy look like a double-merle?

  1. BCDawgMa ~Love My Lyra~

    Doesn’t look like a double merle “lethal white” to me. From what you can tell by the picture, the dog doesn’t have that much white, has colored markings around both eyes, the right ear is colored, can’t see the left ear, but from the markings my best guess would be it is merle colored. Lethal whites usually have white faces around the eyes, pink eye rims & white ears. The lack of pigment is the hallmark. Those are the dogs that have visual & hearing deficits. They can even be completely blind &/or deaf.

  2. Flagged. If you go back to the page without refreshing, you should be able to get the URL of just the picture.

  3. CHAO┬ž: Remy~ New CHAMPION!!!!!

    It is hard to tell because you can really only see it’s head. The eye looks to be blue to me, I don’t see anything weird but I may be missing what you are seeing. The pup does not look like a double merle to me.

    He is probably getting flagged because he is trying to “re-home” a litter of puppies which sounds more like he is selling, which technically is against CL rules but since “rehoming” is a loophole many slip in. Also he is trying to “rehome” a little too early, if he really means they will be good to go in a couple weeks instead of 3 weeks.

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