Dog food industry the real truth Save your Pet

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“ think about it, your dog is dying because of you, you are killing your dog, but you ask why, the food is the answer of your question. For more information “ dog health dogs bernese mountain dog dog clothes dog training dog supplies dog products pomeranian…

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25 comments on “Dog food industry the real truth Save your Pet

  1. My dog is extremely stubborn, he just wont eat dog food… so for the past 4-5 months he’s been on a home diet, but its getting to be a pain paying for his food.
    I was told about Evanger’s Dog&Cat food… Its supposed to be very good, im just hoping my dog goes for it.

  2. I guess u should stop feeding him with onions. It’s harmful for dogs. I am feeding my dogs with natural foods too. But just for your and your pets convenience, pls search the foods that you shouldn’t give to your pets. eggplant is another one.

  3. I am a chef and have a blue cattle dog she of course gets lots of treats from work but otherwise I make her food. I do not understand why people give their pets pre bought food especially canned food but I guess some people are either lazy or uneducated.

  4. I actually knew somebody who worked at a canned pet food factory and they had to try it, no joke. They were of course paid very well. Note the more decent pet food came from Australia.

  5. Raw feeding is the way to go!!! 🙂

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