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If you’re looking for some natural dog food recipes or homemade dog food, this recipe from the Natural Pet Food Cookbook is a great start. Chef Jason Hill of Chef Tips puts Bandit’s Beef Stew to the test, and this dog food recipe was approved with enthusiasm by his family’s Shih Tzu puppy, Sugar. This recipe can be prepared as an organic dog food with the right ingredients. Just choose canned organic vegetables when preparing this meal. It’s also a human grade dog food, as Chef Jason Hill attests — and not bad, either! Using natural organic dog food ingredients, this special treat makes a great alternative to dry dog food such as Nutro Dog Food, Innova Dog Food, Canidae Dog Food and Pedigree Dog Food. It’s a gourmet dog food your pet will enjoy time and time again. Bone Appetit!
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  1. wow my dog would’ve loved this

  2. Thanks! Everything in moderation. I would only serve this as a treat, perhaps once a month.

  3. I will serve this for my son

  4. He won’t be disappointed. 

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