Dog food that worked best for westie skin problems stemming from food allergies


Dog food that worked best for westie skin problems stemming from food allergies

Image by Rubber Slippers In Italy
Now I know that every dog is different and that everyone has their own opinion, but I honestly must say that I did not expect the absolute difference it has made to take our westie off from Hill’s prescription Z/D and on to Burns Lamb & Brown Rice. She has more energy, her coat isn’t oily, her skin isn’t dry and what few remaining skin irritations she had is now healing nicely. I had spent countless hours researching what foods dogs should AVOID, and taking into consideration the experiences of other westie owners who went through the same skin problems caused by food allergy, I felt that Burns was the best option for our 5-year old westie. As you can see, it has no wheat, wheat gluten, soy, dairy or artificial ingredients.

I purchased a 15 kilo bag online, because where I live it’s only possible to obtain high-quality dog food through mail order. Needless to say, the change in our Maddie is nothing less than amazing. She has more energy, doesn’t have a greasy coat, dry skin or bad breath. And less or no windbreaking at all, which used to be a common occurence when we had her on Forza 10 dog food (corn was the main ingredient!). Burns pet food has other flavors combinations to suit your dogs’ particular tastes or needs. For more information visit the website:

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  1. Rubber Slippers In Italy

    You know, it never did come to the point where I was convinced that Z/D did anything to improve her condition because where one hot spot would get better, another one would start somewhere else on her body. The vet said that the allergies had to work itself out of her system, and that it could take up to 5 months until she was completely healed.

    At 3 months after her inital visit, we went in for another checkup because she was still covered in itchies, but the vet assured us that she was getting better and to keep her on Z/D for another 3 months! Dang that food is expensive! Anyway, that’s when I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to gradually switch to a new food, and now she has no more hot spots or severe itching problems. What gives?

  2. Oh poor baby! I’m glad she’s getting better. Funny, my dog’s vet suspects she has an allergy of some sort and put her on Hill’s prescription Z/D. She’s been on the food for a month and I haven’t seen an improvement yet. That said, I’ve read that the majority of allergies in dogs are due to environment and a very small percent is a result of a food allergy. Still, it might be worth trying an all natural dog food.

  3. Rubber Slippers In Italy

    Earlier photo taken of our westie Maddie. She had never suffered from skin problems before, only sensitive stomach issues, but around the first week of February 2010 we noticed smelly scabs forming on her back. Upon taking her to see the vet, we were told that she had a mild case of food allergy and was instructed to put her on a low-allergen presciption diet consisting of Hill’s z/d (dry kibble). Click on the image to go to the rest of the story.
    Westie with hot spots

    Hair regrowth on old hot spot
    This was taken today (June 9th, 2010), 4 months after she started having problems.

    Hair loss on westie paw
    She suffered itchiness only on her forepaws, but that has cleared up and is showing signs of new hair growth.

    Hair loss on westie tail
    The base of her tail was the last area to suffer irritation.

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