Dog gate on training dvd? anyone seen it?

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Question by Greeni: Dog gate on training dvd? anyone seen it?
ok when I adopted my beagle at the SPCA they gave me a CD-“training your dog” by animal planet pet video… so in it they always are like “you can use a gate for your new pet” but they never say where they get those particular gates that they use in the video-basicely what i need is a dog gate for under 20…

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Answer by Chula Lula
It would help if you described the “gate”. without seeing your video it’s hard to answer your question. I would call the SPCA where you got the video.

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  1. you can find a good resource about dogs, books and training here:

  2. tiptoptraining

    Baby gates usually work just fine, go into any babies’r’us type store. You can also buy them at pet supply stores.

  3. You don’t need any special “dog” gates. Go to Walmart or any other box store and you should be able to find baby gates for under $ 20. However keep in mind what you find for under $ 20 is going to be the kind you have to take up and down or try to step over without breaking your neck ever time you want to go through the door. If you want the kind that mounts and you can swing open and closed you are going to have to spend more than $ 20. They have several gates of that type in the $ 40-45 range

  4. Seattle Greyhounds

    Petco and Petsmart carry a variety of gates you can use in doorways to limit your dog’s access to rooms in the house. Target and walmart carry them as well.

    I’m not sure exactly which gate it is you’re referring to but those are a couple of places to start.

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