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Dog cart for disabled Chihuahua. Donated dog carts are made to foster homes and low cost carts available to owners. SMARTERCE.COM/PET

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12 comments on “DOG WHEELCHAIR

  1. wth? your teaching that dog how to walk with that ? and the other dog is dragging his legs across the carpet?!!? wth is wrong with you hes crawlling to you fo r attenstion and hes dragon his feet across the carpet? when instead you leave one with legs that cant move behind ? wth -.-

  2. Thank you for the concern. This was a fitting day and both dogs were fitted with carts. Check my other videos for “Scooter cart”.

  3. What the hell is your problem, why are you not helping out the dog that actually NEEDS your help?

  4. Hopefully the video response will ease your concerns.

  5. MollyRayForever

    dont be so goddam judgemental people. i ahve a dog with DM and she went like this we taker her swimming she can walk with a sling and will be getting wheels soon, you are all the very people who would probably euthanase your dog if they looked sideways

  6. MollyRayForever

    and I think we can assume that all those who have given my post the thumbs down have killed their dogs unnecessarily and I ahve touched a nerve. Remember people that a true owner becomes stronger as their dog gets weaker, they dont euthanase.

  7. God bless you for taking care of your dog. Our dog Baxter was diagnosed with nerve damage and his rear legs are getting weaker. He will eventually need some kind of wheels just like the one you have for your dog. I was wondering what the brand name of his wheels and where did you it. Thank you.

  8. I make them and donate them to foster homes… smarterce dot com/pet

  9. my teacup chihuahua has unstabled legs also

  10. disabledanimal has adoptions, help and listings for these precious ones 🙂

  11. Low cost Custom carts at dogcartsplus com

  12. its sad to see the dog have to drag around…poor thing =[

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