Doggy Daycare Kit…what to pack….?


Question by Eco_Katie: Doggy Daycare Kit…what to pack….?
I’m sending my puppy to a doggy daycare for two days, its just during the day ill be bringing him back home. What should i bag in his “Doggy Bag?”

so far i have:
A towel ( they do swimming )
Two Pet bowls
Small bag of dog food
two chew toys and his teddy bear Luke

anything else i can add in his pack? please help…
it should be fun for him, i doubt he will miss me hahaha its my friends doggy day care so he already knows the owners and other dogs.

im acting like such a worried pet parent lol

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Answer by noboutdogs
nope you got it all!

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2 comments on “Doggy Daycare Kit…what to pack….?

  1. You might want to give it something that smells like you so he wont miss you so much

  2. I would avoid sending any treasured toy, just in case it gets lost or destroyed. If the teddy bear has a name, I feel it is a favorite.

    Make sure you have included a copy of his records with vet number and all your contact phone numbers (cell, work, home). I’m guessing he isn’t on any daily meds. Hope he has fun.

    I’ve found a towel that I’m anxious to try with my dog. It is called the Absorber and is found in the automotive department. It is small but drinks the water. Groomers use them.

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