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doggy dinner!

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  1. haha, well we bought dog bowls before we got the dog… and we got this puzzle which was packaged in kind of a stupid way, real flimsy box and a bag rather than the normal box that you can easily look through… so the obvious solution was to fill the dog bowls with puzzle pieces…

    we have since gotten a dog, but have yet to complete the puzzle!

  2. Sigma.DP2.Kiss.X3

    did you say it isnt best~? so it means you ought to tell the story~? =P

  3. Tehee, thanks both of you! There is a story here, but I really wonder if it isn’t best to just leave it as it is…

  4. Sigma.DP2.Kiss.X3

    lol he’d surely be puzzled!!!

  5. I am trying to think of some clever wordplay to make out of this but I just don’t do any good thinking past lunchtime (don’t tell my boss!). Anyway…nicely random.

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