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Dogswell, a leading manufacturer of healthy, all-natural dog treats. Marco, president and founder of Dogswell, has an extensive background in human grade nutritional supplements. He grew up in a family that has been concerned with nutrition since the 1920’s. Always an animal lover, he has been transferring his knowledge of human nutrients to animals since his best friend was diagnosed with Hip Displaysia. When my dog was diagnosed with hip problems, I immediately started glucosamine and chondroitin therapy, said Marco. Like most dogs, pills were not a viable option since my dog would not take the pills, or the medication would upset his stomach and he would become ill. I began experimenting with chicken breast supplemented with the nutrients my dog needed, and that is how I came to what is now known as Happy Hips. After this, Marco researched other canine ailments and developed the rest of the Dogswell line. Dogswell is carried in many upscale supermarkets and pet chains across the country. Find out more at

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