Ear mites of dogs and cats

Pittman & Davis

This is my first video. Turned out ok. Some interesting video taken with my digital camera through the microscope at work as well as a couple of stills taken the same way.
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  1. Not a bad video. You need to speak up a bit.

    Also wondering about the relevance of the magnification factor. The extent of magnification is going to be dependent on the size of my screen.
    Also, are you including the magnification of the objective lense (10x)? Your pictures look roughly like mine, and I’m fairly certain that the total magnification on mine is 400x, not 40x.


  3. This is what they will discover in Mars soil samples

  4. LOL!! I thought my cell was ringing!!! LMFAO!!!

  5. Thanks for the post…. Are ear-mites dangerous? My 10 month old beagle has just been diagnosed with them, am just concerned. My vet just gave me canaural ear drops.

  6. yeah i put alcohol in my ear to kill it

  7. That was a great video – maybe it will help clients to keep their pets ears clean. I did a test once and on a one slide put sarcoptic mange, another demodectic mange, and the last ear mites all in oil. The ear mites lived for over 65 days! I always told clients don’t use q-tips on their ears, just flush them regularly with alcohol to dry them out. It’s amazing how far clients let their dogs ears go. Thanks for the video!

  8. Use the drops religiously to get rid of the mites and have your vet check to make sure they are gone. After that use a little alcohol to flush your dogs ears to keep them dry. Ear mites aren’t dangerous but are very uncomfortable for your pet.


    OMFG! I LOVE THE MUSIC!!! It so takes me back in day of middle school science videos…

  10. mayensegismundo

    Demodectic mange and ear mites the same ??? Please answer me anybody??

  11. No, demodectic mites are NOT the same as ear mites. Completely different.

  12. mayensegismundo

    Gosh ! help me, my Vet says my 3 months old dalmatian female & male pups has demodex mange, but today i nursed my pups mites comes off ..how to kill demodex ? Is mites can tansfer to human scalp ?

  13. As from my vet manual: Mites are fairly host-specific but when in contact with the infested dog it too can become infested.

    Hair clipping and body cleansing in benzoyl peroxide shampoo can be used. Whole- body amitraz dips applied every two weeks can be used. However there are two different types of Demodex mange so the treatment can vary. Best to take to a vet and get treatment for it there. There is also the chance of secondary bacterial infections.

  14. Interesting! One criticism: The music drowned out your narration a bit.

  15. ear mites use either Revolution once a month or you can use ivermectin either injectable or several drops in each ear…you can get ivermectin at feed stores…

  16. Burn it!:D

  17. The mites seem pleased with your choice of music. They’re really gettin’ down.

  18. FYI: -i check my G.shepherd’s ears routinely for nasty black’ish Mites, particularly if i see him scratching his ears. The easy CURE is to first take a clean soft/paper-towel and reach into their ears with one’s finger as best possible, then simply squirt-in a dose of ordinary Rubbing-alcohol (70% Isopropyl) into both ears while holding the dog’s head still so as to not get the alcohol in their eyes when they naturally shake their head. The alcohol readily exterminates eggs and the nasty Mites!

  19. staphinfection

    That’s it??? There’s videos on here of HUMANS with more ear mites than that.

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