Eating For Life – Pan Fried Fish (No Not Deep Fried Silly)


another eating forlife special

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20 comments on “Eating For Life – Pan Fried Fish (No Not Deep Fried Silly)

  1. Damn, that looked really good man!


  2. Looking very lean Jace.

  3. “Cooking down under with Jase.” I see a series on the Food Network in your future. I am really hungry now. The yogurt potato salad is a cool idea.

  4. heyy the red eagles lol
    and MAN i can see your guns are starting to show.. lookin good
    oh- one more thing- the meal looks GREAT thanks for sharing the idea 🙂

  5. very nice

  6. That looks really simple…and good.

  7. Sweet meal!

    You need to post these more often (w/dessert of course).

  8. “Eating For Life” sounds like some hymn from Darfur.

  9. What a bad presentation…

  10. Looked terrible on the plate poor presentation.

  11. Good . But I lost over 30 lb in one month using weight loss plan from LSWEIGHT(.)INFO

    nice to see you did something about your weight issue beofre it was too late like alot of people have done and paide the price. even though surgery isnt my opinion on losing weight if it helps you bee healthier i say do it!

  12. what? no meal. LOL!

  13. Very heavy accent.

  14. Good enough for a man living alone.

  15. How do you know if it is undercooked or overcooked?

  16. The potato salad looks great I’ll have to try that with the low fat yogurt it sounds much healthier then fatty mayo.

    One tip though. To turn the fish over and take out of the pan use a spatula that’s as big as the fish and it won’t fall apart like it did using the tongs.

    Also use a spatula for a non stick pan since it looks like you are using a pan with a non stick coating.

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  18. Looked delish! I’m about to pan fry some tilapia myself that’s why I’m watching videos on it. I think the presentation was ok..not THAT bad like some ppl remarked. I mean he isn’t the iron chef. LOL

  19. OMG, that looks so fantastic! I’m making it this weekend. Thank you so much for this vid!

  20. good job mate!

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