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*Update* My video has officially won 1st place! I am thrilled and excited considering the other amazing video entries that entered. I honestly believed I was going to come 2nd to Clusmy’s. Both Clusmy and Tuula had amazing videos and definately rock in video editing far past my own current capabilities. I’m glad to have won and thank everyone who even did the slightest bit of help on it. Be sure to check out the other winning entries~ Clusmy’s How to Train your Pet Train your Katsu [Ether Saga Pet Video Contest] *End Update* An Entry for the Ether Saga Video Contest AlterityVideos Ancestral Ruins (West) Filmed, Voiced, and Produced by; Xul Music; TBA Made Using; Genie Eye (Ether Saga Online Game Item) FRAPS Sony Vegas Pro 9.0 Photoshop CS2 And yeah, all voices were done by me, with no pitch shifting effects. My inspiration for this is pretty simple. An Infomercial style pet video. I’d like to thank swO for helping bring up the Cesar Millan idea. I’d also like to thank Masta for letting me abuse his character like always. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy it!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Xul FTW

  2. HopelessCaptivation

    Looks amazing, I hope you win!


  4. y is everbody mocking my pet training vid but this was awesome so i think i might get 4th or 3rd or something

  5. congrats on first place!

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