Evo Pet food “Grain Free Diet”

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our Dogs have been feeding on Evo for the Last two years…. its great for the dogs. The EVO line of pet foods have been specially designed to provide all the key nutritional benefits received from the feeding of raw food diets but with the benefits of 21st Century nutritional research. EVO is the first grain-free ancestral diet that provides the benefits of modern nutrition in a safe, convenient and cost-effective natural food. Use EVO alone, or as a supplement to your raw or home cooked pet food for a completed and balanced natural feeding. EVO is an alternative for raw feeders and home-cookers. This dry Dog Food provides complete and balanced nutrition for ALL LIFE STAGES. The Ancestral Diet Meets Modern Nutrition.
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2 comments on “Evo Pet food “Grain Free Diet”

  1. We feed evo too, for both our dogs.

  2. They are not as excited as yours seeing the Evo dry food though 😀

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