Exact & Scenario 2010 on MCOT

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there will 5 lakorns from Exact in 2010: 1. Dork Ruk Rim Tang (Bie & Vill, Fang, Toey…) 2. Malai sarm chai (Oam P & Kong, Phuvanet, & Sonh Y) 3. Yark yood tawan tee plai fah (Sonh & Grand the Star) 4. Rong Ram Peh (Ghost Hotel) Chakrit & Namcha 5. Jap tai vai rai saisamon (Tang & Bee)

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6 comments on “Exact & Scenario 2010 on MCOT

  1. mitsuaki55100

    I can’t wait for Malai Sarm Chai, A perfect couple Aom & Captain !

  2. tang is back! Wish Pim was the main girl with Tang.

  3. yaaayayaya…AOM and Captain is back..together….

  4. Yeh…….. We’ve been waiting Captain &Aom come back for 5 years. They are the best couple of exact .Great actor and great actress together.

  5. No Pong?! crying…

  6. P aom!!!!!

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