Eye Infections in Pets

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healthypets.mercola.com Mercola Healthy Pets owner and veterinarian, Dr. Karen Becker, explains the symptoms of eye infection in pets and how to effectively prevent them.
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3 comments on “Eye Infections in Pets

  1. Extremely helpful video. Thanx for posting!

  2. Not sure if anyone is answering these, but I’m desperate…

    My dog has been to several vets because his right eye/side of face will suddenly swell to almost shut. We can watch it swell up as it goes very quickly. No vet can determine why it’s only one side ~ and always the same eye. It is usually gone within 24 hours, and we often give him benadryl to help it go down.
    Any ideas on what this might be?? Why always the same side? He also has allergies to grass on his feet. Silly Sheltie.

  3. Might be allergic to the shots given by the vet.

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