F1 Bengal Breeders in California/Arizona/Nevada?


Question by : F1 Bengal Breeders in California/Arizona/Nevada?
I’m ready to take the step of having an F1 Bengal, but I’m looking for a fairly local breeder. Not having much luck with search results as everything that comes up is several states away. I have lots of general cat experience and SBT Bengal experience. This is also a well researched choice for me. Yes, I understand the differences between an F1 and a fully domesticated SBT. Yes, I know these cats are very demanding, but so is my Bengal! Yes, I know they often have litterbox issues, and yes I’m prepared to deal with that. Yes, I’m 100% sure I am ready to make one part of the family. We are not strangers to high maintenance, demanding cats, and find them very entertaining and rewarding. Bengals are a bit high maintenance, but well, well worth the occasional trouble.

Does anyone know of any breeders within a reasonable driving distance of southern California? I don’t mind driving 10-12 hours, but would like to keep it under that. I would also prefer not to ship as I feel visiting the breeder before making a decision to purchase from them is an important step in the process, and also, shipping via air is generally distressing to cats, so if this could be accomplished by driving, I would much prefer it.

I’m also fully aware of how to “vet” a breeder and make a good choice. I am fully aware of the various health issues that plague Bengals, and the importance of choosing a breeder that does regular health screening. I have done this before (with my SBTs), I just don’t know any breeders in my area working with early gens.

Please, no lectures on adopting vs purchasing, as I am looking for something very specific which would be unlikely to be found in rescue. I DO believe in the importance of rescue, have had many rescues in the last, and I currently have two “pound” pets at home (one non-Bengal cat, and my dog).
Actually, I can easily get a great recommendation from my breeder. I have stayed in touch with her and email her pretty regularly with updates and pics on my current kitty. She would certainly not decline to adopt another cat to me, and would be happy to recommend me to any of her contacts. Of course, I asked her first, but she has not worked with early gens, AT ALL. Most in her circle work with SBTs and specialize in show quality. Since Bengals do not qualify for show until at least 5 gens down, most of the breeders in her circle also do not work with early gens. Additionally, of the few other breeders in the area I have spoken with, any that have early gens purchased from out of state and imported, but I am trying to avoid that. I like my breeder very much, so she’s the only one I have purchased from – hence, I do not have multiple recommendations, but I could get one very good one.

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Answer by Ocimom
If you have experience dealing with Bengals, then you need to go back and contact the breeders you got your cats from in the first place. If you are that good of an owner, then there should be no problem with you getting in touch with Bengal breeders who may have F1’s.

Not saying you are a good or bad owner, but if there is a problem in the past with how you dealt with other Bengal breeders and its not good, then you won’t find someone to work with.

Believe me, I’m friends with several Ocicat breeders who would recommend me for breeding Oci’s in the future (I’ve been approched several times in the past year). I have a GOOD reputation. There was another Oci owner who is blacklisted by other Oci breeders who refuse to sell to her because of her past history. Even if I went into breeding, this person would never get any of my kittens!

Added: – ok so if they can’t help you (Bengal breeders KNOW who’s working with what) then you are out of luck. I can ask my Bengal breeder friends I show with and they would be able to tell me who’s working with early generations. Its not that hard to find out IF you are telling the truth.

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  1. I can certainly see how a Bengal show breeder would not have anyone in her immediate circle who is working with early generation ALC hybrids. I would have thought some of them would have some idea, would ” know someone who knows someone” and would be a member of breed clubs where they could ask But I can see why she would not want to recommend anyone she does not know personally and know about their breeding program & ethics.
    It doesn’t sound very promising that the breeders you have contacted who have purchased early generation cats got them from farther away, since one would think if they were looking for such cats, they would look into whether there were great responsible breeders closer to home.
    Hey — are ALCs legal in California?

    i would recommend looking for Yahoo groups for Bengal owners & breeders or Bengal forums especially if you find some with mostly US members and hopefully you might find some good breeder in your region breeding F1s.

    A very big & old Bengal group http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/Bengals-L/

    Another major one For this one you have to be a member of TIBCS http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/OfficialTIBCS/

    here is a Yahoo group that specifically mentions f1s bengalcatsandfoundations http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/bengalcatsandfoundations/ but looks like there has not been much activity the past 2 years, so maybe there is another group people are using instead… still it’s worth checking.

    Anyway you can keep looking for others.

    You could also contact Bengal breed committee in TICA ; of course these would be probably show breeders too.

    From what I have heard and F1 is way way beyond the challenges of the SBT Bengal. It sounds like you have done quite a bit of reading about it but I would not call it really well-researched or prepared enough unless you’ve been talking to owners and breeders of these cats and have met some of the cats. It does sound like you take it seriously so I hope you continue to explore this to make even more certain. because I think it’s very hard on them to deal with change if someone decides they can’t keep them after all.

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