Ferret FAQ: 20 Questions and Answers Every Ferret Owner Would Like to Know

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Whoever said that there are no stupid questions must be a smart man.  As a new ferret owner (or if you’re still planning to purchase one), it is good to know that there are also other people asking the very questions you have in mind right now. So, stop asking about the why’s and the how’s and start reading below.

1. What are ferrets?

A ferret is “a mammal, small in size, with an average weight of 1-5 pounds. They were believed to be domesticated over 2000 years ago, with an average lifespan of 5-9 years. “1

2. Do they make good pets?

Yes. They are one of the most popular pets in the US next to dogs and cats. They are curious, intelligent and cuddly 2.

3. Is owning them legal?

Yes. However, in some other places, ferret owners are required to have licenses or permits. States, counties, and municipalities outlaw or restrict ferrets for a variety of reasons which are pretty much invalid. 3

4. What should I feed my pet?

Look for a ferret food that is a “minimum of 32% protein and 18% fat, and a maximum of 3% fiber. The first ingredient should be a high quality meat and the other ingredients should not include too many grains.”4

5. How often should I feed my ferret?

Ferrets have a very fast metabolism and need to eat every after few hours to keep their bodies properly fueled. Do not feed your pet just once or twice a day, as you would a dog or cat. 5

6. Are treats good for my ferret?

Be careful in giving too much treats. Feeding your pet too many or the wrong kind of treats can be detrimental to their health. 6

7. Will my ferret use a litter box?

Yes. Train your ferret to use a litter box so it will know where exactly it should do its business.

8. What cages are appropriate?

When it comes to cages, the bigger, the better. No to wire floors, yes to mats.  7

9. What kind of bedding should I use?

Recommended is cloth bedding. Some choose paper-based bedding, wood pellet type, straw but please, never cedar shavings. 8

10. Is nipping normal?

Yes especially when they’re still kits. However, you can train your ferret not to nip or bite.

11. How can I stop them from digging my carpet or plants?

Just like nipping, it’s a natural behavior. But you can stop this by using plastic runner materials or provide an appropriate place for them to dig. 9

12. How can I make my house ferret-friendly?

Make sure that there aren’t holes in the walls. Block it up immediately if you find one. Use recliners, fold-out beds and rockers with caution. 10

13.  What toys will my ferret like?

They will play with almost anything. Just make sure that they are durable and safe. 11

14. Why do they smell?

“The distinctive ferret odor comes from musk glands in the skin and from hormonal activities. The best way to reduce the odor is to spray or neuter your pet.” 12

15. Do they get along with other animals?

With dogs and cats, yes. With birds, no.

16. Can I teach them tricks?

Of course! Ferrets are intelligent and highly trainable animals. Patience is the key.

17. What are these noises they’re making?

They call it dooking. It is the clucking sound they make when they’re having fun.

18. Do I need to worry about any diseases?

Yes. Watch out for symptoms. If the conditions persist after giving fluids, consult the vet. 13

19. Why does my ferret keep on scratching?

Ferrets scratch all the time but check for fleas, shampoo irritations, allergies and poor diet. 14

20. How do I find a lost ferret?

Check your house, backyard, bushes and garage thoroughly. Ask your neighbors. Post pictures of your pet wherever possible or put up an ad in a local newspaper. 15


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