Ferret Litter Question?


Question by Fuzzies: Ferret Litter Question?
I heard that recycled newspaper pellets were okay for a ferrets respiratory tract, so is “Yesterdays News!” ferret litter okay for them? I don’t want to get anything harm full!

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Answer by Danielle B
yesterdays news is ok, as long as it isn’t dusty- I have found it to be dusty sometimes, but have used it in the past.

I prefer Carefresh bedding- it absorbs the odors well, and soaks things up better than yesterday’s news

The main thing to stay away from is cat litter, especially clumping cat litter.
Any of the paper based products are perfectly fine.

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  1. Pine/oak pellets work great. They absorb odor way more than carefresh or newspaper will. You can find them in 3 forms:

    Wood stove pellets
    Horse bedding/stall pellets
    Feline Pine cat litter

    They all look exactly the same. Some pellets may be shorter/fatter/longer. You can also scoop this litter just like cat litter. Just pick up the poop from the top and sift the pellets. The peed on ones will break apart, and create “sawdust”. You can use a litterscoop or you can cut out the bottom of a litterpan and add a screen so you an sift the pellets in that (like panning for gold LOL).

  2. I have one concern about the yesterday news litter.
    If its made with old news paper what about the
    chemicals in the dye used to print the paper?

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