“Finding Hope” – Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA

Pittman & Davis

“Finding Hope” – A Film for the Arizona Animal Welfare League (AAWL) and SPCA. By Lori Brown. Edited by Bryan Scott Gordon. Presented April 28th at the 2007 AAWL & SPCA Annual Evening to Paws Black Tie event at Scottsdale Hilton Resort and Villas in Arizona. The AAWL was founded in 1971 and has grown to become the largest full service animal welfare organization for dogs and cats in Arizona. “An Evening to Paws” raised approximately 0000. These proceeds will go directly to the caretaking of homeless dogs and cats and the many other programs that the AAWL provides to the community, including our veterinary clinic, educational programs, and pet behavior training. In the past four years, “An Evening to Paws” attendees have generously contributed more than a million dollars to the AAWL, allowing us to find loving homes for thousands of dogs and cats each year. Adopt a shelter pet! www.aawl.org. Come visit at 30 N. 40th Place, Phoenix, AZ. AAWL Dogs tinyurl.com

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14 comments on ““Finding Hope” – Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA

  1. *tear*

  2. i wish i could adopt them all!!!
    i love animals…!!!

  3. bless them

  4. I used to always look at your site. Good job.

  5. i will adopt one soon

  6. *CRY*

  7. omg tht made me tear upp.
    mm puppies!! awwh.

  8. Aww thats so sad! im going to adopt my dog some day, anyone no who sings that song?

  9. i wanted to adopt even 2 or more, but i’m far away. I’m from the Philippines. I have 14 dogs and I want some more. i wanted to be a spca volunteer, but here in our country – sadly we don’t have it. i don’t have enough money to donate to you but my prayers are yours and to all homeless animals out there. God bless SPCA! thanks alot for all the hardworks! Keep on helpin’.

  10. desireerenee101

    Great vid! I go to camp ruffin’ it at your shelter!

  11. I will work at the spca it is my dream.for 2 years I want to work there and i still want to work there im only 9 yers old

  12. blazing4everstar

    i wanna adopt a lot of pets but my parents tell me on e is enough!when i grow up i wnna adopt a lot of pets.help the homeless pets!!!

  13. im 12 years old and its been my dream to work with animals..
    i love animals so much .. im a vegetarian also cause i hate to eat something that gets killed.. its just not rite.. cant wait till im old enough in order to help animals..

  14. i love animals and i wanna work with them 2 i wanna a dog but my mom says no:( im only 11 years

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