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Why would a pet store employee tell me that blue wilderness is too high protein (34%), then hand me a bag of Orijen which is 40%. I’m kinda baffled. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that the employee knew nothing. LOL. I’ve had my dogs on wilderness for 2 years. They do agility and pulling. Why do I have to explain myself to some random employee at a pet store. Every single time I go there, I gotta listen to “U know thats a high protein food”? I think I’m gonna say “no?, jeesh, I thought this was all refined corn products” “thats the best”. insert sarcasm.
Oh, and he handed me the Orijen after I told him my dogs are on a grain free diet.
Yes, after many many tries with other brands. Blue Buffalo turns out to be the best. My wife is a vet tech and animal nutritionist (why dont I ask her? she’s my wife thats why. LOL) My dog’s are very active. The vet reccomended grain free with high protein. We have had great results on it. I just feed a little less. They are satisfied and ready to work and play everyday. My lab/pitt mix has a more muscular chest than me. LOL. Very very healthy dogs. Always work with the vet. Blood work. I check the kidneys and liver all the time. Its working out. I mean, A RAW diet must have more than 34% protein and people swear by it.

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Answer by Gone fishin’
You are lucky that you know your stuff. Think of all the customers that have been mislead by this guy probably because the other product has a promotion going or the profit is higher.

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  1. Cookie The First One

    When this employee tries to switch you to something other than what you really want to buy, simply say thank you for the information but I prefer and have had luck with this, and walk away.
    You needn’t lower yourself to the employees level by arguing or being a smart mouth like he is….Rise above it.

  2. Actually 34% is, as far as I’m concerned, way too high, unless there’s a reason why individual dogs need to be having that much protein and I guess doing agility and pulling would qualify? Does any brand make one at 40% Ye Gods.

    For mine, I don’t want puppies on anything higher than 28% or they risk running into too much too fast (bone growth problems) and for maintenance, non working, nothing higher than 24%. But each to their own and frankly if the pet store you go to are giving you grief – there’s always another? I buy online as it’s delivered, free, to my door and I don’t need to be lugging heavy bags to the car, and up my drive LOL Plus I’ve found it much cheaper to buy online – if you shop around there are some excellent deals out there.

  3. So… yeah?

    I hate that too. Why do I have to answer so many question about why I want something when I’m buying it? Can’t I just buy condoms and a ski mask without being grilled?

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