former fish


former fish

Image by fotogail
refrigerator expression on the streets of new orleans, number 5 of 5.

somebody at a local cafe told us he lost ,000 in fresh fish from the power outages, and that the smell was the worst part of it. TFC is local lingo for please haul this away.

note the traffic, the businessman on a cell phone, and the nice drapes of the up and running establishment across the street. some people took care of the stinky fish business a long time ago, others appear to be rolling up sleeves and coping just now.

that torn tape scares me a bit. previously opened as a little stink bomb action by a passer-by?

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6 comments on “former fish

  1. "SIR: Poseyal : KNIGHT of the DESPOSYNI

    nice captures the emotions-

  2. :)))

  3. I think this title is worth a nomination for the group!

  4. Kind of ironic that the French word for fish is poisson.

  5. the_nannish_one

    Oh, now there is a totally scary notion! Yuck! Especially with the torn tape. Now who the hell did that, and why? Run away, run away!!

  6. Gawd, I can’t concieve of what
    the dump’s like! (thankful for
    some things I don’t know)

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