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I have two cats: Otto and Egon. Since finding them, they have brought my wife and I many joys. If you’d like to experience the same joys, you should adopt a pet from an animal shelter. Found Animals Foundation, Inc. is a privately funded, non-profit organization dedicated to minimizing shelter euthanasia. They are dedicated to animal welfare, and they specialize in public awareness. Be sure to check out their website for more information: Join the Zack Scott Fun Club! http Follow me on Twitter Friend me on Facebook Take photos with me:

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25 comments on “Found Animals: Adopt a Pet

  1. i have a dog,……….but sadly,it ran away.

  2. We would have to change the shelters forms/rules, they are way to picky, in my town they made the form longer, repeating questions over again in different ways, its annoying. Almost not worth it, people are turned away by the home visits + other conditions that are required of them to adopt at all.

  3. Most people cant adopt dogs from shelters cause of all there rules, cant have kids under this age, and whatever else they got and turn alot of people away for silly/stupid to good reasons depending on person. Thats why people shell out more money for a pet store puppy, because all they have to do is heres the money now give me my puppy, plus they can do instalment plans by 50 bucks a month! (example!) Or they go other abouts getting a dog outside shelter setting. Which is more of the problem

  4. lol, watch till 0:10 then pause it!

  5. Christiana7887

    here in greece we do not have anything like this you people are amazing your country must be proud

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