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(PRWEB) July 7, 2009

Fighting Fleas

They’re small but they can be a big problem. Anyone who’s been unlucky enough to have been bitten by a flea knows how uncomfortable fleas must be for furry friends. Keeping on top of Flea Control doesn’t have to be a hard job. The main thing is to understand how the flea life cycle works and then remember to keep up-to-date with pet flea treatments.

Some facts about the enemy

Unfortunately, the adult fleas on pets are only the tip of the iceberg. They represent only 5% of the total flea population. The other 95%: flea eggs, larvae and pupae, hide themselves in all sorts of nooks and crannies. Fleas don’t stop breeding just because it’s cold. Adult fleas lay eggs which fall off pets and can continue to develop inside a heated home. Typical places where you may find flea eggs include the cracks infloorboards, carpets and in furniture upholstery.

The flea life cycle

Knowing about the flea life cycle is important as killing the adult fleas just isn’t enough. A flea starts life as an egg, it hatches to become larva then grows into a pupa before becoming an adult flea. From egg to adult can take as little as just 14 days. However, when it’s in the pupal stage the flea can lie dormant for up to six months waiting for the right conditions before hatching. This disturbing fact means that if left untreated, fleas re-appear again and again.

Breaking the cycle

Keeping fleas off pets requires commitment to year-long treatment.

This is not as hard as it sounds. Treating dogs and cats with FRONTLINE PLUS® every month will be killing fleas and breaking the flea life cycle at every stage.

Free FRONTLINE PLUS SMS or email reminder service at

Flea fighting – do’s and don’ts

As well as using FRONTLINE PLUS every month, there are other things that can be done to keep fleas from taking hold.


    Treat all of the dogs and cats in the household; even if they don’t go outside.
    Vacuum homes regularly to get rid of eggs and stimulate fleas to emerge. (Remember to clean upholstery too.)
    Wash dog blankets and bedding in hot water (>60°C for 10 minutes).


    Don’t let untreated animals enter homes
    Don’t let pets get under the house
    Don’t let debris build up in moist shady areas around the house.

To effectively break the flea cycle pets need regular flea treatments. FRONTLINE PLUS helps make life easier with a new Flea Treatment Reminders service. Register online for free monthly treatments reminders via SMS and email at

FRONTLINE PLUS was Australia’s highest selling flea and tick control product in 2008. It contains two active ingredients: one that kills adult fleas and another that kills flea eggs and stops larval and pupal development. This combination breaks the flea life cycle at every stage.

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