Funny Pet News #1- Feces House, Champion Poodle, Snake Plane

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This is’s program dedicated to Pet News. Watch as Laura and Beth bring you real pet news that proves the truth is stranger than fiction. This episode; Family’s Goose Basset Hound Found Feces House Champion Poodle Pet Snake Reunited Snakes on Plane Show Transcript; BETH: A feces house, Smash — the champion poodle, and snakes on a plane. LAURA: All today, on Zootoo News. Real Pet news that proves the truth is stranger than fiction. OPENER … Beth Hoyt …. Laura Valpey … Zootoo News …. Laura: Because when we say Pooch, we don’t mean your belly. Beth: Here’s a true story: Story 1 BETH: A man faces three misdemeanor charges after hunting out of season in Canada, and killing a beloved member of a nearby family: A friendly pet goose, named Wee Wee. Sad story. Just a few suggestions for future pet goose names— LAURA: Beth! BETH: Gloria. Rocky. Zeus. Things you name Wee Wee are — LAURA: BETh!! BETH: Nevermind. Story 2 BETH: A basset hound that disappeared from its California home in December was found 430 miles away in Arizona. 6 Months, 430 miles for this pooch, named Fred. When contacted with Fred’s whereabouts, Fred’s speechless owners are quoted as saying: Speechless. BETH: (to Laura)- – Would he have made it that far if he was named Wee Wee?? LAURA: You do have a point there, Beth. Story 3 LAURA: 47 cats were rescued from a house filled with feces, which was, in some areas, up to a half a foot deep. They are now getting medical assistance. As one of the

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