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Gato came from a pet rescue group who had an adoption event at Pet Pals with little bios on all the cat’s cages, stacked neatly in rows. I’d actually adopted a cat earlier who ran away, afraid of a neighborhood bully cat that would run into our house at any chance.

Gatomon’s bio said something to the effect of Beautiful tonkinese found abandoned in an empty apartment. May bite. Not recommended for home with children or other pets.

I looked at her, she ignored me, and then a dog walked by. Most cats just dozed, some retreated to the corners of their cages, but Gatomon jumped up and rammed into cage, waggin’ her tail, ready to rumble. I realized I was her only hope and she was the only cat that would take care of that bully and she’s been biting me and my loved ones ever since.

It’s taken about 8 years, and I think Tim deserves a lot of credit, cause he killed her with kindness and she hasn’t itten anyone in two years!

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  1. Lovely creature and story.

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