Gerbil care video part 1

Pittman & Davis

Ok this is my first care video I have ever made.It goes through, cages,bedding,food,water bottles,wheels, and some toys. I still have alot to add so part two is coming soon. Also sorry for the bad quality this was off of my webcam. The gerbils names are Luna and Hoshi and yes they are spoiled. Guess what people XD I’ll be redoing this with a good camera later this week YAY!

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14 comments on “Gerbil care video part 1

  1. Bee5productions

    Can you use softwood shavings??

  2. Bee5productions

    are gerbils nocturnal??

  3. brandontheawesome

    no but hamsters are

  4. Bee5productions

    I know I have one, thanks.

  5. oo yess they are up on their wheel theyy make alot of noise but i can stand loud noise i love my baby gerbils

  6. Nope. theya re most active in the mornings and evenings.

  7. hum I’ve never heard of using Softwood shavings, I’l have to check.

  8. cool nice vid

  9. 100somerandomgirl

    thanks because i got 2 gerbils on Friday and I absolouley love them!! I got a plastic habitat that was made of vegtible compost and they have already started to eat it (they are supposed to) oh and could you tell me what a pregnant gerbil because i got 2 female gerbils but i think I bought a pregnant one because she is bigger than my other one and spends all day nesting.

  10. immareptilefreak

    I see something wrong with your video; you use a wire mesh small animal wheel, which they could get their feet or tail caught in. Other than that, great video!

  11. @immareptilefreak no not if its mesh, only if its a rung wheel thats when they can get hurt. . the mesh doesn’t allow their tails or feet to get caught, the mesh is small enough that their paws won’t slip into the spaces and i doesn’t even allow a chance for their tails to get caught.

  12. misssuperstarbellz

    Best gerbil care video I’ve seen on youtube:)

  13. um arent glass tanks really heavey to transpert ? and some people use bins and their gerbils love it and so do mine cuz i use the bin cage cuz its easy to trans port and it is dig proof and bite proof and all u have to do is drill holes in it and that wil do good for air!!!!!!!!!! and also gerbils do need salt wheels well at leats mine do cuz if i dont have one one of my gerbils will bite me to get the solt of of me.

  14. @mouserock1
    and also the thing ur gerbils dont like, dont say to never get them cuz some gerbils actaually like them. it depends on their personallity! so dont every say to not ger them just cuz ur gerbils dont like them.

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