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CONCORD, NH (PRWEB) July 28, 2005

Duncraft Inc., the catalog for wild bird and nature enthusiasts, is proud to announce the addition of the petFINDER™, the lost pet calling card, to their pet products line. Standard metal pet tags allow space for the pet’s name, address and phone number—but what happens if you move and your pet runs off? Or your family is on vacation—pet included—and he wanders off? Your pet’s I.D. tag information is rendered obsolete. The petFINDER™ ID tag gives you lost pet insurance that when he is found, you the owner can be quickly located. It costs less than $ 10, safeguards your pet for life and carries a resounding endorsement from the American Humane Association. “ID tags are a pet owners first line of defense when a pet is lost and petFINDER™ represents the next generation of ID tags. It’s a great solution because it addresses the limitations of traditional pet tags,” says Marie Belew Wheatley, President and CEO American Humane Association. Learn how the petFINDER™ I.D. tag system works at

When pets are lost they are frightened and vulnerable. For your pet’s safety and your own peace of mind, it’s imperative to keep pet ID tag information up-to-date. Why trust the safety of your “best friend” to a metal tag with a name and number that can’t be changed? If your pet does wander away, with one toll-free call to the number printed on the petFINDER™ collar tag, the person finding a lost pet will first hear a pre-recorded message from the animal’s owner containing important information (reward offer, care taking and health info, etc): Then, with the push of a single button, that caller is automatically connected directly to any of three contact numbers previously entered by the owner. If the owner is not available on the first number, no problem — without hanging up the system automatically connects to the next two numbers until the owner is reached.

Sharon Dunn, president of Duncraft explains, “What’s really great about this pet ID tag is the flexibility it offers pet owners. It lets you change your contact phone numbers as often as you like. For example, if you’ve programmed a work phone number as one of your contact numbers and you suddenly change jobs – you simply call and enter your new work number. The change is effectively immediately.”

Patty in Customer Service at Duncraft adds, “My two dogs are both protected with the petFINDER™ and my message asks the finder to please not feed my Keeshond a single bite of anything — he has a very sensitive digestive system!” PetFINDER™ provides vital, up-to-date information about the animal and owner—without compromising the owner’s privacy. The person who finds the lost pet will never know the owner’s identity, phone number or address.            

The petFINDER™ is available for $ 9.95 plus shipping from This system includes: one large and one small tag, and a wallet-sized card with programming instructions. Each system purchased is valid for the life of the pet, and is transferable.

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Duncraft, Inc., located in Concord, NH, was founded in 1952. Today, the company manufactures Duncraft-brand bird feeders, mails the Duncraft Catalog nationwide and its website offers hundreds of the very best birdfeeders, bird foods, exclusive pet items and garden décor.

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