Global BC’s pet segment goes haywire


‘Ginger’ from the SPCA gets a little too excited on the set with Noon News Hour anchor Randene Neill. For the FULL NEWS BLOOPER, go to:
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12 comments on “Global BC’s pet segment goes haywire

  1. too funny. the full one on the global website is better.. LOL ginger silly dog! .. haha

  2. RandomUsername010

    Yar Har Har Har! Who else love OaTs? Dem dogz is freaky!

  3. DreadlockDrummer

    LOL “look at this calm calm dog” “this dog is crazy!”

  4. LMFAO

  5. lol this is a local newscaster where I live. The stressed look on her face after the licking and the weather chick LOLing afterwards – priceless

  6. Very well orchestrated revolt on the dogs’ part, lol.

  7. SuperRandomdude101

    “well shes a puppy their full of beans ” 😛

  8. ahaa

  9. LOL!! “I love Ginger!!”

  10. Another proud lesbian moment in VAn city

  11. lol! what sweet dogs

  12. I bet she adopted Ginger, for the licking.

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