Go Green with MARCO Promotional Products? Eco-Friendly Options

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Go Green with MARCO Promotional Products’ Eco-Friendly Options

Harrisburg, PA (PRWEB) February 21, 2012

MARCO Promotional Products is one of the leading companies that has provided exclusive merchandise and promotional items for over 47 years. To enhance their services and product offerings, they also support the ‘Go Green’ initiative and extend themselves for the well being of the environment and future generations.

With over 15,000 customers and counting, MARCO is known for providing ideal brand identification solutions in the form of customized promotional items. With a combination of high quality, pocket friendly rates and impeccable delivery times, they have gained the popularity and the goodwill in the industry as well as with their customers. Plus, with an added feature of eco-friendliness for these products, more and more people are opting for promotional products from MARCO. Their items are divided into four main types based on their compatibility with nature.

Organic Cotton

MARCO products are available in 100 percent organic cotton, which means that the materials used for manufacturing these items are supportive of the environment. Organic cotton crops are not genetically modified and, in the farming process, no synthetic chemicals like pesticides or fertilizers are used. MARCO has the following products in this range:

Promotional T-Shirts: Comfortable and cozy, organic cotton promotional t-shirts are available in different sizes and color. They can be styled and printed as per the customer’s requirements.

Promotional Bags: One of the most popular products of MARCO, promotional bags are available in organic cotton too. These tote bags are sturdy and ideal for corporate merchandise as well as for giving away as personalized gifts.

Recycled Fabrics

Along with organic cotton products, MARCO houses eco-friendly promotional items that are made from recyclable materials. Items like water bottles, yogurt containers, milk cartons, and more are stripped of their labels and then crushed. This smashed pulp is then turned into pellets that help create yarns of PET fibers. These fibers are knit or woven into fabrics and other materials to create durable and good quality promotional products. A few of the goods in this category are:

Recycled Pens: Using pens for promotional purposes is one of the oldest and most popular tricks. Made from things such as recycled currency, tires and denim, recycled pens from MARCO, are ideal for any corporate that wishes to reduce its carbon footprints.

Recycled Lanyards: Recycled lanyards create a good impression of the employees of an organization, as well as act as a great way to promote the business. Created from green materials, these lanyards are durable and can be customized.

Recycled Bottles and Sippers: These plastic sippers look just like regular drinkware products, but are created from recycled waste. The waste-to-wow concept will work in the favor of any company wanting to attract more customers.

Corn Plastics

Made from PLA, or polylactide/polylactic acid, Corn Plastic looks and feels just like regular plastic, but the products created from them are 100% biodegradable and compostable. Since it is a renewable source, it helps reduce the stress on exhaustible resources like oil, used to create regular plastic. MARCO supports the green initiative and therefore has customized promotional items, like stationary and other accessories, made from corn plastic.

Stationary and Accessories: From custom stationary given out in schools, to large fashionable key holders for professionals, MARCO has corn plastic products for everyone. They are stylish, durable and are an ideal replacement for regular plastic items.

Enhanced Biodegradability

MARCO creates products that have high biodegradability. However, this does not mean that these products are fragile – the company ensures that all items, like promotional bags and recyclable lanyards, have the same shelf life as the regular products. Products like office accessories, creative promotional items, boxes, and much more fall into this category.

Office Accessories: Giving note-and-pen holders, staplers, and clips to the office audience will definitely attract more people. Adding the concept of enhanced biodegradability will only create space for more goodwill about your brand.

Creative Items: MARCO also houses different and creative promotional products, like first-aid kits, classic yo-yos for children, and more. All these items are biodegradable, but more importantly, they are safe and durable.

MARCO Promotional Products have a lot more in store for the nature lovers. Visit our website at http://www.MarcoPromotionalProducts for further information.

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