GoatBall – Pakistan

Pittman & Davis

15 August 2000 Bored with football? Try this popular Afghani sport Take a look at one of the world’s strangest sports. Produced by ABC Australia Distributed by Journeyman Pictures
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13 comments on “GoatBall – Pakistan

  1. I just cannot get this !!!!!
    How glad I am that I am not PAKISTANI.

  2. where are u from

  3. Its an Afghan sport not pakistani

  4. this game has another name…what was it….?

  5. oh yeah….BUZKASHEE..!

  6. this is a bullshit game and i feal soo sorry for the horses

  7. HussainAbbas1986


  8. what a great non-gay sport ..it surely glorifies one’s spirit!

  9. a running COMMENTARY….. LMOOOOOOOO..HAHAHAHahahahahahhaha

  10. animal abuse.

  11. MerlinUsesCtrl

    i thought these fuckers were religouse.. i want them the fuck outa my country… they are worse then the animals they use

  12. @Supier9 Its a Pakhtun sport.

  13. @gojookgo Fark off dumb cunt. This is the type of things horses have been used for centuries.

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