Golden Cockatoo featured on South Florida Today TV Show

Pittman & Davis

South Florida Today visited our new 4500 square foot, stand alone building location awhile back. As you can see, we all had a lot of fun. You are welcome back for a repeat visit anytime!
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10 comments on “Golden Cockatoo featured on South Florida Today TV Show

  1. Seeing this video makes me very happy, especially since you folks refuse to sell to people who just want a bird that talks. That’s why I like my cockatiels, and my budgie. Budgies can talk no problem with patience and love, and my little buddy Nikki loves falling asleep on me. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to give both Nikki and Lucy (my hen ‘tiel) head rubs.

  2. Why is burny 20,000??

  3. where all you all located?

  4. Burny is $20,000 because everyone wants him now, but no one wanted him with a crop burn. He would have been “too much trouble” for some folks to take care of him.


    you´re very unpleasant.. to sell these beauty creatures. you´re a trafficker, you should be in prison for all that. deberia estar el dueño de este negocio tras las rejas.. por encerrar a estas bellas criaturas. no importa si conserva un permiso para tenerlos encerrados o venderlos.

  6. I’m glad you won’t sell to anyone that can’t understand the time, money, and effort it takes to care for one of these magnificent birds.

  7. They are in deerfield fl across from quiet waters part

  8. LadyLeadersama1095

    1:31-1:36 is funny the cockatoo is like”u cant look!”

  9. pinkpenguin2007

    How is this trafficing birds?? Sheesh.

  10. Did that bird say jigaboo at the end!?

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