goldfish training

Pittman & Davis

the man is good in taming goldfishes xD
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  1. amazing 0_o

  2. holy shit…

  3. That’s crazy. I thought gold fishes couldn’t think at all, but I guess this proves me wrong

  4. cool

  5. AWESOME!! heheh that’s cool

  6. its almost unbeleiveable. is this real?

  7. so cute oh my gdness lol…

  8. captainrooster90

    43 years is the record.
    20 Should be average.

  9. how talented of you to train your goldfishes very well !!! i suggest you should send more fascinating videos for us to enjoy… congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

  10. They already prove that goldfish arent stupid in the show ‘mythbuster’

  11. Thats crazy! Cool vid man!

  12. The Mythbusters busted the three second goldfish memory myth. According to the myth, goldfish only have three seconds memory so by the time they swim around their small bowl, it’s all new to them. course. Myth = Busted.

  13. Adam and Jamie busted the myth by having a competition to see who could train their goldfish to swim through a maze the fastest. Jamie used colored rings to condition the fish to associate with food. While, Adam was preoccupied in keeping his fish alive. So while Jamie’s fish swam through the maze, Adam’s fish never completed the

  14. This is fake. My best idea as to how it’s done is the fish are being pulled around by magnets under the tank and magnets have been implanted in the fish. At one point two of the fish “swim” backwards to get into place, fish don’t swim backwards.

  15. most fish, actually can swim backwards, but most of them will only do it when they get stuck.

  16. @Hubs88

    Fucking magnets. How do they work?

  17. Helmasterinjapan

    Hearign people speak Japanese and then having it turn out to be a Chinese station really throws me lol

  18. @Helmasterinjapan the dude is taiwanese

  19. @Hubs88 fish actually do swim backwards but i do think this is fake

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