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Question by Lay: Good pet insurance experience?
I want to get my little bichon pet insurance. He has allergies so he’s always getting ear infections which is burning a hole in my pocket. I was wondering if any insurance would still cover his ear infection visits or would they deny it because it could be considered a “pre-illness” or whatever they call it. Also any good pet insurances out there? I’ve heard VPI is bad because they try to deny a lot of the reimbursements. So any others? Also any bad experiences? Thanks!
He’s on a grain free food. I’ve tried Innova, wellness simple solutions, and now I’m giving wellness small bites a try. I’ve also tried the vinegar thing. It was a hassle and I didn’t feel comfortable messing with his ears. I’m currently in WI

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Answer by JOAN W
It would be an pre-existing condition & not covered. With pet insurance you have to pay the bill upfront then they reimburse you if covered so you still need the money to pay & be w/o til they pay month or 2 later. All insurance co. will try to not pay any claims they can as that is how they make/lose money.

You would be better off putting aside a certain amount into a special account weekly/monthly where you could have to use as needed & earn interest. Trying a grain-free food & regular ear cleaning maybe with vinegar cleaner to change ph would help with allergies & the infections.

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  1. Unfortunately, you won’t find a company that pays for the allergy treatments, etc. because it is considered preexisting. However, pet insurance is still a great idea b/c you never know if something else might happen!

    I have Trupanion for my dog and I am pleased with it. I’ve had it for about 6 months, only filed 1 claim so far but it was paid within a week. I like their policy because they cover 90% of the actual bill and don’t base it off benefits/fee schedules. They don’t have claim limits, annual limits, or limits per condition, so you wouldn’t have to worry about your bill being too big or one treatment costing too much. You can also choose your deductible. I chose $ 0 so my only co-pay is the 10% 🙂

    I haven’t personally had bad experiences, but have heard of others with aspca have terrible experience. Aspca doesn’t cover ongoing treatments, so if your dog got cancer, they would only pay for the first year, and then after that it’s preexisting and you’re screwed. I’ve also read a lot of similar stories on
    I made sure that my pet insurance company covers ongoing treatments!

    Good luck!

  2. My research has shown Purina Care to be one that covers the best. Trupanion also has a good reputation. Purina Care does cover hereditary conditions, which most won’t.

    EDIT: The only way to get to the bottom of the allergies is to have the dog allergy tested. It’s a lot cheaper to go through with the testing and immunotherapy than to keep treating ear ingections. Insurance may or may not cover the allergies-if you haven’t had the dog diagnosed with allergy yet (through testing), then I would say you’ve a good chance of having it covered.

    I see lots of people say to switch to a grain-free food to “cure” allergies. Thing is, more allergies are to environmental factors than to food, and more food allergies are protein allergies, rather than to grain. Most grain allergies are caused by corn and soy. Grains like rice, sorghum, millet, and barley are not considered allergenic-good foods tend to use these kinds of grains. If you want to try to determine whether it’s a food allergy, you need to feed the dog a food that he has never had before (check the whole ingredient list). California Natural makes a Herring and Sweet Potato food (it has fewer ingredients than any other dry food on the market, making it a great food for allergic dogs)-Pinnacle and Evanger make some unique protein foods, too. Taste of the Wild and Natural Balance limited ingredient are another couple to look into.

  3. I just asked this question recently. You can go to my icon and scroll through my Q’s ..I do not have that many so you should find it quickly. The answers were from people that have several different types.
    Good Luck!

  4. IrishPrincess loves shep & SCD

    hmm depends on where you are based. i would try alliaz pet insurance. they are based in ireland and they are excellent in giving good deals. check them out good luck with this. i have shep insured with this company and they are really good. also check out pet plan as well.

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