GP2 Turkey Sprint Race – Two Dogs On Track

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Clip from ITV4 Live coverage of this morning’s GP2 Sprint Race from Istanbul, Turkey. Two dogs on track, one of which hits the car of Bruno Senna. Safety Car is deployed.

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25 comments on “GP2 Turkey Sprint Race – Two Dogs On Track

  1. it was on a straight road cant he dodge the dog like the car before him?asss

  2. If you were to watch the original a frame at a time, you would see that he did attempt to avoid it, but it was too late.

  3. alexismegamonsters

    i knew only about the dog that Bruno killed!!!I think Turkey prefers dog races than GP2!!!The unbelievable is that the safety car appeared after the Bruno’s incident,although they knew there was dog in the track.The conclusion is how stupid are the turkish judges…

  4. 00:52

    “A fucking dog in the middle of the circuit, man!”


  5. i think like u.

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