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Question by Nimmy: guide dogs???????????
Guide dogs don’t get any fun. Don’ t you think that is unfair? I mean they work day and night and barley get any pets(as in petting your dog). If you want to debate with me on the “don’t get any pets” i got proof. My aunt has a guide dog and she tells me that the “association of guide dogs” permits little petting because they might get”spoiled and not do their job”. Guide dogs don’t get a chance to be real playful pups. even when there puppy’s, they go to a dog raiser’s house and work, WORK, WORK.

yea yea.. i know guide dogs help people but i mean, do they like!
they can’t play fetch, tug-a-war, or anything else thats why play with our dogs.
soo, do you think guide dogs don’t have any fun. give some details/examples
hey emily rip danny boy

how can a blind person play fetch with a dog. my aunt IS blind. her dog doesnt get any fun. she lives alone

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Answer by Bria-Bria
I agree, but they help millions of people. They have to take their jobs seriously, so if they became spoiled then they will most likely lose focus.

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  1. I have a friend named Adam and him and his GSD guide dog, Laney ALWAYS play. But once the harness is on Laney is ALL business! It’s easy for them to play fetch: Adam throws the ball and Laney goes and gets it then nudges his hand so he can take it from her and throw it again. This summer Laney and Brasky had a great time playing at a campground by the river. Laney swam and rolled in the mud just like my dog Brasky did…and he’s not a guide.

    From my experience they have plenty of fun.

  2. My sister made the mistake of feeling sorry for her guide dog while she was in college. She started letting people pet and interact with him on campus. One day he saw a lady he knew and got really excited. He tried to run over to her and walked my sister right out in front of a moving car. Nothing happened to her but she could have been seriously injured or killed. A working dog HAS to be a working dog and cannot get attached to other people for this exact reason. They live very fulfilling lives. The guide dogs I have worked with have always been very content animals. Having a job makes them feel special and proud. When a guide dog is retired it has to be rehomed because they usually get very jealous and/or depressed when they see the harness come out and put on another dog.

  3. She's my Tiara

    Breeds like Labrador retrievers, German shepherd dogs and Golden retrievers LOVE to work. Dogs think differently to you and i. Believe me, guide dogs have good lives. They are naturally devoted animals, and they do have fun. Actually, guide dogs are treated like REAL dogs. They have leaders that depend on them, they have a job to do, they get heaps of exercise and mental stimulation…these dogs are happier than most family pets! they have balanced lives, and playing is not the only form that dogs get happiness from. READ A BOOK BY DOG PSYCHOLOGIST CESAR MILLAN BEFORE YOU MAKE AN UNEDUCATED COMMENT! dogs don’t think like humans.

  4. The quality of life of a guide dog is, just like any dog, dependent on their owner. Plenty of blind people give their dogs time out to play, or run around a park etc. Blind people do actually have friends and family that can see you know! The dogs don’t always work 24 hours a day when there are poeple around to assist instead.
    The idea of petting dogs is really a human one. Dogs are much healthier mentally and emotionally if they have routine, a purpose/job, and exercise. Petting is something that makes people feel good, and while dogs enjoy it, it isn’t necessary for a dog to be happy. So many dogs become snappy and suffer behavioural problems at the hands of owners who think if they lavish their dogs with human affection, the dog will love them. Wrong. The dog will just develop discipline and behavioural problems.
    Guide dogs are specifically bred to be quiet, obedient and unexcitable in order to do their work. They don’t become that way through harsh training or exhaustion.
    It’s nice that you are concerned for them, but a better understanding of dog psychology would tell you that they are probably much happier and healthier mentally than the good majority of pet dogs who get lavished with affection, but who spend their lives staring at the fence of their yard, while their intelligent minds waste away to nothing.

  5. ♫♪ Nekkid Bootie ♪♫

    no the dogs are not worked all the time…

    the owners can give the dog “off” time at home.. they remove the harness and other work devices and can let the dog know that they are “off duty”.. even guide dogs need time to just be dogs.

    The dogs know that when the equipment is on, its time for work.

    Also dogs were bred to WORK and serve a purpose.. these dogs are very happy to be with their owners and do their jobs.. many breeds out there NEED something to do!

  6. My husband was at the institute for the blind and I visited him there.several of the guys had dogs with them and they played with their dogs and threw the ball and the dog brought it back and had fun.Maby your aunt doesn’t want to be bothered playing with the dog or petting him.When I was their we petted all the dogs and they loved it .the only thing you are not suppose to feed them and before you mess with them you suppose to ask if it is ok.There are guide dog Owners who don’t want anyone to do anything with the dog so maby your aunt is one of them.

  7. You are VERY wrong… Dogs are much happier when they have something to do.. a JOB.. Working dogs are much happier dogs than dogs that sit around on the couch all day just waiting for someone to finally pay attention to them.. Dogs love to work.. Pets are not a big deal to dogs.. They like a job and like praise.

  8. tiptoptraining

    That may be true of some, but by no means all. Many service and guide dogs live great lives, being with their person all the time- and although much of the time they are working, this can also be fun and fulfilling for the dog. Many also play with their person, just not with others while they are working. Guide dogs are often GSDs- a breed which tends towards seriousness and devotion to one person, and so “working” as a guide dog is a great fit. And although labs and goldens often like to play well into their adult years, many herding breeds, including GSDs, aren’t playful past puppyhood, though they may enjoy a good game of fetch or something similar.

  9. Emily | RIP Danny Boy

    All the guide dogs I know get plenty of love and play. Sure, in the harness, they’re doing their job, and they take it seriously but they really love and care for their human. Out of the harness, at home, the guide dogs I’m familiar with get to live like regular dogs, playing fetch and getting lots of attention.

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