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Doom Box explains how you can level a pet all the way to 20 in around 15 minutes using this method, this can even be done while away from the keyboard.
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25 comments on “Guide To Powerleveling Pets (Level 20 In 15 Minutes While AFK)

  1. @Dooombox doom you would never fail

  2. Heeyy Doombox! Question for ya.. How comes this technique takes like 45mins for me to lvl it to 20? :O.. I use the exact hero builds you use! I got 105 HP.. after DP its 1 HP ofcourse.. I cant seem to lvl it to 20 within 20 mins

  3. TheSmithchad

    nerfed?? dont work

  4. @TheSmithchad Nope, it works fine. You must be doing something wrong.

  5. MegaPvtParts

    @Dooombox it just seems that you aren’t having fun making guides anymore. That and anything commented stupidly on your videos is usually replied harshly. like you did with me on your “Time Closet” video. Not anything personal against you of course, just saying take it easy with silly comments 😀

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