Halo Pet Food Spot’s Stew

Pittman & Davis

All Information on Halo Pet Food Spot’s Stew at www.myfreebieportal.com

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  1. rwozrpxxcpqein

    Hey, thanks poeticfeet! Cheers brother!

  2. I’d substitute some of the ingredients to make them safer and healthier. Isnt this what its all about? Wheat germ is packed with protein, but if you dont know if your dog is allergic, I’d replace it with ground oatmeal. I’d also replace brewers to nutritional yeast and the cans and corn with the following (it helps if they’re all organic): 2c. sliced fresh carrots, 1c. cooked brown rice, 1/2c. pureed fresh tomatoes, 1/2c. water. Now we can call this a NATURAL and SAFE recipe for dogs! 🙂

  3. You’re welcome. The book is really one to get! Jason

  4. wzewtykstostba

    corn is bad bad bad.

  5. My dogs hate store bought dog food, I have tried different kinds mix it up and they still hate it. I feed buckwheat, carrots,rice chicken, beef, liver, pork, I am going to farm supply store and buy it in bulk, what a substantial saving to my pocket and will substantially extend my dogs life and health.

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