Has anyone adopted a pet from the rescue group “Pro Paws” in San Jose? How was it?

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Question by jjwatanabe: Has anyone adopted a pet from the rescue group “Pro Paws” in San Jose? How was it?
They are on http://www.1-800-save-a-pet.com/ and I’ve heard a couple bad rumors but I want more details.

This is their website

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Answer by Pup Luvr
I’m originally from San Jose and I’ve never heard of them…

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  1. Not sure about some of the negative remarks that have been posted, I can only provide my own experience. I have adopted 2 puppies from Pro Paws, in San Jose, CA, and am very happy with my Havachon puppies. Both are health and happy little guys that love to play with my two young daughters.

    When I initially dealt with Pro Paws, I had adopted a Shih Tzu puppy and after I brought it home, it showed signs of being sick. It was ALWAYS tired (very strange for a puppy only 3 months old), so I called the lady at Pro Paws and she immediately acted. She offered to take the puppy back and nurse it back to health and then let me decide what I wanted to do after it was back to normal….WAY more service than I expected from a pet adoption service. After a couple of day, we visited the puppy at ProPaws and he was still very mellow (tired). That’s when we realized that it was just his personality. He wasn’t a hyper dog…he just liked being left along. That became a problem for my wife and I, since we have two small daughters. We wanted a puppy that would be full of life and make a great companion for our girls. I let Pro Paws know that we weren’t interested in taking the Shih Tzu home anymore, since his personallity really didn’t fit the type of dog we were looking for (we felt really bad about doing that). The lady at Pro Paws was amazing, AGAIN. She said she totally understood and already had a few new puppies to show us.

    Within a few day, we were back at Pro Paws, visiting a group of new puppies. We immediately fell in love with two Havachon puppies. When we let her know about our decision to adopt both puppies, Pro Paws provided us with proof of vacinations, health records and a bunch of other paperwork that I haven’t even had a chance to look at yet. Needless to say, my family is THRILLED with our decision and have nothing by wonderful things to say about Pro Paws.

    I would definitely recommend Pro Paws to anyone who asks. In fact, the day we took our puppies home, we were at a pet store, picking up some supplies when two different sets of people commented how beautiful our puppies were. They also asked where we got them. I immediately started telling them about Pro Paws and gave them their phone number.

  2. Actually there have been alot of complaints about this “Pro Paws” rescue organization….

    All of the complaints show that these dogs are not vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped as described. There have been cases where the rescued dog that was adopted had coccidia, which then infected their other dog! This ended up in $ 1300 in hospitilization fees that could have been prevented with a proper vet check! However Pro Paws did not provide that.

    There are even accusations that this organization might be actually a Puppy Mill and that their vaccinations are fabricated.

    those are 3 links above that ALL have negative reviews! I would suggest to STAY AWAY from this rescue group.

  3. I have adopted two puppies from ProPaws, a 9wk old Basset and a 3 month old Lab puppy. I think the people there were great (in the SJ location), they were very professional and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a dog/puppy. I was very impressed with the information that they were able to give me on our puppies as well as all of the extra goodies they sent home with us… They get two thumbs up from me!

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