Having trouble with my 2 yr old dog?

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Question by : Having trouble with my 2 yr old dog?
My 2 yr old cocker spaniel keeps marking his territory IN the house! I have a “pet door” where my pets go outside into my back yard. But he pees right at the door instead of outside of it! He’s not neutered yet (in 2 wks) he just had some other surgery that is delaying it. (He was abandoned & I adopted him this past summer) Some say the neutering will help; others say not. I have been mopping it up with Lavender “Fabuloso” (was told NOT to use ammonia or pine ‘cos it would attract him back to the spot) – that commercial “Keep Off” crap is worthless! Any ideas? He’s here to stay so I want to be able to like him! LOL He’s otherwise a super sweet good dog! Help!
I need to add that he does go out the pet door and pee. This other peeing is different I think. Is he mad at something? I do have another dog – an older spayed female but they seem to get along great. (She wasn’t too thrilled with him at first! LOL) Is he trying to show her who’s boss? She used to beat him up but they’re cool now. Dogs are so cute but such an enigma sometimes!

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Go to http://www.libertydogtraining.com and go to FAQ.

Clean up the areas with Pet Force from http://www.frrco.com/121668

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  1. First off has there been any change recently in your schedule, your dogs schedule/diet, or overall your life. Sometimes if there is a major change (new animal, family memember, long vacation) animals (esp.males) will start peeing inside.

    If there has not been any changes you should go back to retraining. neutering may or may not help, if he was house trained before then chances are it will not, so think of him as a puppy and start from scratch.

    Pay carefull attention to your dog, when you notice he shows signs of needing the bathroom grab his leash and take him outside (be sure to have treats in hand). Give him a signal to go to the bathroom “Do something, get bust etc.” Then reward him when he does. This could take a long time if the dog has had emotional distress recently (even if it doesn’t seem big to us humans dogs act differently).

    It’s all up to you, never punish your dog if you don’t catch him peeing. If you come home to a mess, don’t punish him, he’ll be confused. ONly punish him if you catch him, believe me he knows what he’s doing while he’s doing it.

    Take him on walks and reward him everytime he uses the bathroom. If you are leaving for a few hours, let him out before you leave make sure he uses the bathroom, then limit his water supply until you get home. Once you get home take him outside.

    It’s all about training the animal again, try to figure out if anything has changed recently and make sure everything you do is a good experience for your pup. Good luck and reward reward reward!

  2. Well u will have to see at what “times” he is peeing. Is it immediately after he plays or drinks water, or when he wakes up? And during those times stick him outside. Also use a kennel when you are not home. He won’t pee in there.

  3. If you catch him doing him, say NO loudly and clap your hands, make him stop and take him outside immediately.

    Do not let him see you clean it up (they like to watch you clean up their pee) and when he goes outside make a big deal about it, praise him, etc.

  4. dog away from wal-mart or your pet shop and it works for my puppy when it was young and work on my sister older dog.

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