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Martha and veterinarian Dr. Marty Goldstein share some human foods that could benefit your dog’s health.
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11 comments on “Healthy Pet Food

  1. thanks marha are shall i call you marth this video well help me

  2. All true.

  3. fancy meeting you here! i love martha.

  4. Martha’s dogs hate her

  5. Dr. Marty is a great holistic vet and I recommend his book. More Dr. Marty clips, please.

  6. dogs dont hate people hate

  7. dont do anything without your vets ok

  8. “They are meat-eaters. They’re carnivores.”

    Cats are carnivores. Dogs, though classified under Carnivora, are omnivores whose diets don’t depend on meat-specific protein. I assume it was just a slip since he’s presenting dogs with bowls of meat AND vegetables. There are, however, entirely vegetarian dogs.

  9. I thought aloe is bad for cats? It’s on the SPCA toxic plant list. Can someone verify this please!!!??

  10. what kind of dog is lola?

  11. @misslizzy9 yorkshire terrier and a cute one at that 🙂

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